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Hello and a hearty welcome to my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable world.

It’s delightful that you popped in. Please linger longer and let me know YOUR thoughts because, truth is, although I love to write, it’s your opinions, ideas, and experiences I really find interesting.

Be warned though, if they’re clever or profound or inventive or wickedly funny, I may steal what you share…but it’s not stealing really, cos I will give you credit – not in cash, you understand – but in acknowledgment, should I paraphrase your gems.

So, I throw down the gauntlet and dare you to cross the line and tell me what YOU think. What you smell. What you taste. What you believe in. What you strive for. What you love. What you yearn for.

Just in case it’s not for public consumption :o) my email is: jillwallaceauthor@gmail.com

As has become my custom, let's talk about August…

As usual there is a boat load (you know, a Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas kinda ‘boatload’) of National days each day of August. I’ve chosen some for you to consider.

August 1

Now where would I be without MY girlfriends? Frankly, I never want to find out! They give me immense pleasure. They’re interesting and interested, supportive and kind, funny and acerbic.  Celebrating You, You and You too my friend, on this 1st day of August.

Respect for Parents Day

Just a sec…shouldn’t that be EVERY day? I was afraid I’d get a slap till the last day I saw my mom – on her deathbed – 18 years ago. I was 46! What happened to generations after mine who have just one day to do as they should for life? OOps, I sound like my mother. I AM old!

Have I got a treat for you! Check out this insightful Adult coloring book filled with wisdoms from a sage who’s lived her life for all it’s worth! 

August 3

Take this as you see fit. Just make sure you don’t get arrested!

August 6

Ahem. Is this not what we strive for daily? Why, oh why must we wait for 6th August? 

August 8

??? Just sayin’.???

August 9

Now we’re talking! Check out tab above you that says “Books” :o)

August 10

A whole day to celebrate getting squished by nylon and spandex? I thought wearing shapewear was your own private little secret. Now it’s a NATIONAL DAY? Well, for all of those who DO celebrate, I have great news: “Because of its stretchy nature, shapewear won’t permanently damage your organs,” says Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. Whew.

August 11

All the middle children I know who’ve grown up need a helluva lot more than a day to recuperate.

August 15

I give you Sue Monk Kid, The Secret Life of Bees.” The month of August had turned into a griddle where the days just lay there and sizzle.” Beautiful prose.

August 17

Have I got a marvelously exciting way to celebrate this day… https://32auctions.com/fsfw2021

By bidding on these fantastic items – readers, writers, fun lovers alike will be donating to my brilliant non-profit responsible for nurturing my writing: Florida STAR Fiction Writers and will donate a share of profits to Rolling Readers of Brevard.

August 21

Always a good idea. It helps your Karma!

August 23

National Whiskey Sour Day

Check out these alcohol-infused mysteries that’ll make you laugh your cherry off!

August 26

Every day is Dog Day in our house for two rambunctious, pool-loving Rulers of our domain – aka Aussie Shepherds – Tula (13) and Tsosti (7). And we wouldn’t have it any other way. xx

August 31

Now this excites me.

I’m working on a series about a reluctant matchmaker who’s also an international air hostess in the late 70’ies who dreams – while sleeping in the crewrest –  of bygone era’s and couples who were destined to, but could never be together – and wakes up with seat numbers in her head. She must figure out how to reintroduce seat 1C and 43F to have a second chance at forever love.

So why not pick a day or two or three even and celebrate in your own special way. Whatever you do, make it Untamed, Unexpected and Unforgettable.

Cheers, cheers,


Thanks for visiting and please, do stay awhile in my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable world. Dabble in my vignettes or musings, take a peek at the Gods Must Be Crazy Moments, or linger a little with my Drolletjies.

(Drolletjies”- directly translated from Afrikaans means “Little Turds”. But my drolletjies are not smelly or disgusting. Well – not always! Drolletjies are oft like chocolate raisins: sweet, delectable, and wickedly decadent, while others are like little nuggets – just big enough, perchance, to make an impression.)


Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx

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