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Intrigue of May!

May is an intriguing month.

In this month of new beginnings…I’m beyond excited to introduce Zebra my soon to be released novel! Inspired by my husband Athol’s life growing up in the mountains of South Africa, this coming-of-age story revolves around his great friendship with a teenage Zulu during the apartheid era. Athol also spent 13 years in a war he couldn’t escape. Those two actually-lived components my fellow endured were way too rich and juicy not to be woven into a world of fiction, and thus, Zebrawas born.

But besides the birth month of my new book, May is fraught with superstition and remarkable days in history.

May is named after a Greek goddess Maia, who was also the Goddess of fertility and the Goddess of spring,

No U.S. presidents died in the month of May * The Empire State was opened to the public on 1stMay 1931 * Joan of Arc died on 30th May 1431 * The Kentucky Derby is run, and the Indianapolis 500 is raced each May.

Horses and heights, fast cars and fearless women, and Mexicans, drunk on their win over a debt owed to France, are but a soupcon of May’s claim to memorable fame.

Folklore for May is right up my hate-darn-housework alley. It’s bad luck to wash blankets in May (suits me just fine) and to bring a broom inside is a strict no-no because all sorts of trouble will ensue. (Hey, what’s a month without a sweep? Bliss, I say. Sheer blooming bliss!)

The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day.

Here’s a poem I wrote for my beloved Mom, lost in 2003.


She touches me.

I am young. I need her touch.

She teaches me.

I learn little things. I learn big things.

I learn to believe in magic and in life.

I learn to listen. I learn to share.

Older now…she teaches me loyalty.

She shows me the beauty in all things.

I watch her being a loyal friend and I learn.

Independent now…I find she will always be there.

She teaches me the joy of giving.

I am amazed by her selflessness.

I am in awe of her unconditional love.

And then, too soon she is gone…

Taken late in her life and too soon in mine.

I still need her touch.

But then I remember…

She is always here.

She touches me.

And I eternally grateful.

Okay, Okay, I can’t hold it in a minute longer…. Here, for your consideration is….. (African drum roll: Da Dum Dum)…..


A young white boy and a Zulu teen grow up together, building an extraordinary friendship as they explore the rugged Drakensberg mountains around a remote South African hotel during the apartheid era. 

Jock and Papin forge an indelible bond while learning to love and appreciate each other’s cultures. Despite whispers from intolerant guests, the boys are oblivious to the consequences of their friendship. “There goes the zebra,” guests remark, claiming they can’t tell where the white boy ends and the black boy begins.

But the boys’ friendship is strong enough to conquer all—until society’s impossible expectations wrench them apart, leaving bitter disappointment and soul-deep wounds that will not heal.

A decade later, these long-lost friends converge on opposite sides of a harrowing battlefield, one a reluctant soldier, the other a passionate freedom fighter. Their intimate knowledge of the other’s way of life could be the very tools that save them…or destroy them. And an unimaginable choice will put Jock and Papin’s once unbreakable bond to the ultimate test.

Jill Wallace, author of the multi-award-winning World War II novel War Serenade, brings together a fascinating coming-of-age story with a compelling tale of human connection in Zebra.

Check out more about Zebra

Zebra’s also up for Pre-Order on Amazon, and we’re aiming his release for the 28th of May.


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Speaking of Great Authors...

Pauline Baird Jones is as fascinating and funny in real life as the characters in her books. And that’s saying something! Pauline’s fast-paced, award winning novels (and there are many!) spread great peril, high stakes and divine romance over a number of genres.

Out of Time is a sweeping time travel novel that will whisk you back to WWII where the stakes are high, the war is real, and the action and romance are equally thrilling!

She’s a modern woman. He’s a blast from the past. Can their love survive the test of time… and war?

Adventure reporter Melanie “Mel” Morton tackles current events, not historical retellings. But that all changes when a WWII veteran tracks her down and seeks her help in saving her gold-star grandfather’s life… by traveling back in time. 

For Mel, the stakes keep rising until she finds herself on her grandfather’s fateful final mission. Shot down behind enemy lines, Mel and Jack Hamilton, the now-young and handsome pilot, must navigate the occupied French countryside and their generational differences. With her grandfather’s life and her future on the line, Mel and Jack can’t afford the distraction of their undeniable chemistry. Failure to complete their mission could get them killed, or worse, change the course of history.

Out of Time is a riveting time travel romance adventure novel. If you like explosive chemistry, rapid-fire action, and accurate depictions of the Second World War, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ homage to the Greatest Generation. 

Buy Out of Time to parachute into a war-torn love story today! But beware, I can’t promise a safe landing…

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Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx

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