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Helllooooooooooooooo and welcome to my Untamed Unexpected Unforgettable World.

I hope you’ll stay awhile and read the musings which were originally called “Vignettes” until my sister Vivienne, spoiled the magic by asking when my next “Vinegar” would be posted.  Like you’d expect from an older sister, Viv has a way of bastardizing most of what I strive to achieve. And still, I love her.

But June is a cool month – well not literally in the northern hemisphere – but it was when I was born – on a chilly day in Zambia many moons ago. June has over the years, become stuffed- full of days with fine excuses to celebrate.

Born on the 28th May, my new novel Zebra is close enough to June to be considered a jolly June baby (okay, I’m reaching, but bear with me) and I’m thrilled that as I write, Zebra wears the much-coveted Amazon ORANGE banner that reads: “#1 New Release”. Wahoooooooooooooooo. I’m dancing in the summer rain with glee.

(Ok! I confess that was a weak segue, but I got in the ‘brag’ about the coveted AMAZON ORANGE BANNER. WAIT! I just heard sis Viv – all the way from Builth, Wales, say: “Orange is just such an obnoxiously LOUD color isn’t it?” See?

But let’s look at what June offers.

Audiobook Appreciation Month. Hey! Did you know War Serenade is on AUDIO? My Audie-winning narrator Peter Noble (actor, singer) does ‘her’ justice with his spot-on accents and he even sings on Pietro (my hero’s) behalf now and then. Check her out from your favorite audio book retailers. Or ask for War Serenade in print, audio or ebook at your local library. It’s free!

Candy Month. I wonder if that should read “CHOCOLATE MONTH”? I’m in!

Dairy Month. Shout out to my Cow mammas and pappas in and around Watkins Glenn, NY! Moo to you my Betsy, Roy and Doc!

Effective Communications Month. How am I doing? (Rhetorical question. If you think I failed, please, please don’t tell me. I operate best under an illusion.)

Fight The Filthy Fly Month. A shout out to my Aussie friends with special hugs to Narelle, Josie and Patsy! OH! And look out for a fly scene in Zebra. Warning! It’s not for the faint of heart!

Gay & Lesbian Pride Month. I have beautiful friends I adore. Shout out to my Majestic Girls, Jeri and Betsy, Tom and Todd. I am so privileged to have you in my life. Xxxxxx

Great Outdoors Month. The furthest I get is my backyard feet up at the pool deck. But hats off to you outdoors-people. You’re something!

National Accordion Awareness Month. Vivienne played the accordion well. I was the black sheep of a musical family. But in an attempt to make up for the lack of musical bones in my body, War Serenade is all about music.

National Adopt a Cat Month. I am horribly allergic but I do love cats and people who love cats.

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Let me introduce you to the folks celebrating Outdoors Month. (Hmmm. I wonder if there’s a “National Eat Junk Food Without a Conscience” month?)

National Iced Tea Month. OK. I’m from South Africa – once a part of the British empire. We have tea made in teapots and poured into teacups which rest on top of saucers. ICED tea? I just saw my grandmother turn in her grave.

Rose Month. OH, War Serenade is filled with roses. Funny. They say “Write what you know”. Clearly, I paid no mind. I knew nothing about opera before I wrote the book and certainly nothing about roses.   

Turkey Lovers Month. I wonder if that means those who love to raise turkeys or those who love the fact that turkeys are their power animals? We’re African. When I grew up, we had chicken for occasions or lamb or beef, but never turkeys.

June also sports National Gardening Week, Fishing Week, Email week and Lightning Safety Week. I just read Sharon Stone survived a lightning strike.

Ooooo and there’s Dare Day (What fun), National Rocky Road Day (I’m in. Spoon in hand), Repeat Day (Repeat Day), National Donut Day, Old Maids Day (the card game or my unmarried aunt? NAH! It’s 2021. No such thing as an old maid!) AHA! National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (7th of June just in case you need the date to justify your binge), Best Friends Day (OH YES. I plan an ode to my Besties on Face Book), Name your Poison Day (I don’t think that’s literal – just FYI), Monkey Around Day, and others worth noting are National Kissing Day (Just DO it on the 19th), ooooh, I like Let it Go Day (June 23rd), Forgiveness Day (26th June) and June 29th is a HUG Holiday.


Speaking of Winning…

CONGRATULATIONS J. MORRIS – YOU WON A $35 GIFT VOUCHER from A GIFT OF LOVE 29 for answering the May Newsletter question correctly. WELL DONE

To celebrate my birthday month, I’m giving away 2 of Sandra Springs A Gift of Love 29 STUNNING bookmarks to commemorate Zebra’s birth!

Just email me at: jillwallaceauthor@gmail.com with the subject line reading JUNE WEBSITE DRAW! And all names will be put into a safari hat and TWO winners will be drawn. Wahooooooooooooooo!

Speaking of Fun Stuff...

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Zebra will soon be out in Hard Cover as well as print and ebook. How cool is that? Look for the hard cover on Amazon and everywhere Ingram Spark distributes.

Don’t forget to ask YOUR local library for War Serenade and Zebra. They will oblige. That means a free read OR listen – in the case of War Serenade!

Thanks for visiting my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable world. Have the happiest June 2021.

From my home to yours,

Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx

Thanks for visiting and please, do stay awhile in my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable world. Dabble in my vignettes or musings, take a peek at the Gods Must Be Crazy Moments, or linger a little with my Drolletjies.

(Drolletjies”- directly translated from Afrikaans means “Little Turds”. But my drolletjies are not smelly or disgusting. Well – not always! Drolletjies are oft like chocolate raisins: sweet, delectable, and wickedly decadent, while others are like little nuggets – just big enough, perchance, to make an impression.)


Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx

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