I’m Related To The New Miss Universe!

Okay. Okay. That just might be a fib…

But I have always felt deeply connected to these South African legends, even though I am as likely to meet them as I am the long-dead Chaka Zulu! From to the handsome and brave Blade Runner crashing from grace to the gorgeously graceful, just-crowned Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. (Where were those sexy hyphens when I was born?) These are my kin by nationality, by birth, by the very air we grew up breathing, so their success is mine to share, and their downfalls are mine to bear.

I have a compelling list.

I must have babysat for Elon Musk somewhere along the line, because why the hell else would he come to Florida, other than to hear my soft lullabies? Okay, I know his little SpaceX project is at NASA just up the road from our house, which just MIGHT have something to do with him being in Florida. But he could have ended up in Houston or California…just sayin’! (See? I have a touch of American going here!)

I feel entirely responsible for Gary Player’s and Ernie Else’s golfing success, never having successfully completed nine holes myself. I gift wine from Ernie’s private collection with the pride I would if the grapes were crushed by my own bare feet!

Look, I realize that Dave Matthews is busy writing music and playing to millions of people. Still, if he knew my Athol had a saxophone and a microphone set-up, I’m sure he’d love to come over for a jam and a good old “Sarie Marais” evening.

I am very, very closely related to Charlize Theron, we might even be estranged stepsisters. Maybe even distant cousins because we grew up in the same town. AND, listen to this…we danced at the same contemporary ballet studio! All right, we graced the same bar a good few…okay…MANY years apart, but with all these things in common, you’d think there should be some rub-off, wouldn’t you?

My pride shone brightest when the remarkable, learned Mr. Nelson Mandela rose from his confines, forgave unconditionally and led our country towards peace. My cheer was so loud it could be heard in Benoni!

I will always root for those who come from my roots and will always believe in the best in them and will always sway to their music as if it was created over my very own campfire. So, the old saying is true: You can take the girl out of the bush, but you can’t take the bush out of the girl. Happily!

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