Newsletter Reprint

January 2021 Newsletter Reprint

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Hellloooooo again! Thanks for letting me share this new world I’m endeavoring to make UNTAMED * UNEXPECTED * UNFORGETTABLE.

As my best friend said, “Jeez! That’s a hellava lot to live up to!” She’s absolutely right – so if I fail, please cut me some slack, and I’ll strive to do better :o)

I hope this NEW YEAR finds you full of hope and great expectations. May you realize a good many of your dreams in this 2021, so bright with possibilities.

So glad you’re along for my safari. Hop aboard my open, camo-painted, luxury jeep, and let’s have some fun!

Jill xx


BIG NEWS! CLUB UNTAMED is my shiny new Reader’s Group and YOU are officially invited! However, you must join the club on Facebook to become a member: [You must be subscribed to the newsletter BEFORE you can join the club on Facebook]

ONLY Club Untamed members will have access to exclusive content hidden on the website for your pleasure. Something to nibble, something to read, something to titillate.

Hours after I launched Club Untamed, I reported the major event to a very sophisticated author group to which I am privileged to belong.

My head pulsed with joyous anticipation of hearing and feeling their fail-safe encouragement. In my excitement, I visualized their approval (perhaps even a smattering of enthusiastic applause?) as I revealed my new reader group’s name.

But, ALAS! This is what I heard from my revered majority:

“Is it a sex club?”

“WHAT? You’re running a page for orgies??”

“Why in the world? Your last book had just one sex scene?”

“You’re just asking for posts of UNTAMED shenanigans!”

“You don’t even write erotica!”

Well! Talk about bursting my bubble! Deflation the likes of which a downward-spiraling, hot air balloon has never known. I was flattened.

Worst of all, it was too late…Club Untamed had been launched into the ether and was plastered on social media and sizzling away. Spotlights blazed, heavy velvet curtains hid in favor of stage action, and the orchestra was in full swing…but there I was, in my pajamas, weeping in the wings.

And then, two very wise, very wonderful women said to me “Own it. It’s entirely your idea. Now claim it. Make the most of it.”

So, my friend, Club Untamed has since been unabashedly owned, and I’d love you to be part of it – even if the only nakedness you’re likely to see is giraffes in birthday suits, undressed lions, nude leopards, or potentially a stripped monkey or unclothed meerkat. And Club Untamed’s hottest post might be a photo of the Namib Desert. (I know. I know. It’s soooo H-O-T I have the vapors!)

All I offer is a safe place for those who’ve read my books to come and play, chat, help me decide on covers, volunteer as Beta Readers or recipients of *Advanced Review Copies, and to win stuff.

My goal is to get to know YOU, my Reader, so I can ultimately write my characters with you in mind. You might even recognize your own name in my upcoming fiction…YES, YOU, Frankie and my Renee, wait for it…

Join Club Untamed Readers Facebook Group. It’s THE place for us to hang out and where you’ll find your secret access “key” code.

One click of the code will whip you into the hidden MEMBERS ONLY area of my website with never-before-shared content –– like Pietro’s Med Sea adventure on a war ship with 15 courtesans on board!


Well…I promised one lucky reader the chance to win a piece of Sandra Springs’ unusual and exquisite art-jewelry for men and women. You are not limited to choosing a ZEBRA piece :o) YOU can select anything you fancy! Your $35 gift certificate will buy you a piece of jewelry you can show off proudly. Sandra’s work is not only interesting, unique, and timeless, but affordable.

Check it out!

Here’s your question:


Just fill in the form on the CONTACT page on my website, give brief info and give me your answer:

One lucky winner – randomly drawn – will be announced in the February newsletter! Wahoooooooooooooo!

N.B. You must have U.S. Mailing address to receive the jewelry gift, BUT should the winner be outside the U.S.A., I will give you an equivalent electronic prize :o)



Are you interested in receiving an ARC of ZEBRA?

*ARC – in author-speak – is an Advanced Review Copy. I will choose 10 readers to each receive a copy of ZEBRA just prior to its release. Your copy will be identical to the one which will be published. Volunteering for an ARC is devoid of conditions, stipulations or ulterior motives. 

However, my goal is to find readers who’ve read War Serenade and might enjoy ZEBRA. Of course, once you’ve read ‘him’ and deem him worthy, it would be thrilling if you’d tell your friends or write a review on my new book.

If you’re interested in an ARC reader, please email me at:  – subject: ‘ARC’ and tell my why YOU would make a great ARC reader.


ZEBRA, like War Serenade was schlepped off to ‘pitch fests’ in its script form, with the intention of wowing producers and studios enough to offer an option to make a movie.

Those massive LA or Santa Barbara venues were scary as hell and packed with thousands of us aspiring screenwriters with big dreams and just 5 minutes to sell ourselves.

Our pitches began with a bell. We rushed in, found our pre-selected executive, sat down and gave it our all for 5 minutes until the loud bell sounded again for the next hopeful to rush in. If we didn’t nail it in 5 – at a cost of $50 a pop – we didn’t nail it. A massive business investment for us and a harrowing but adrenalin-pumping experience for me.

Luckily, miraculously, War Serenade found her first producer under those nerve-wracking conditions.

We needed a prop for each pitch, so commissioned our dear friends’ talented son of 14, to help us. Graham Hughes was a remarkable artist even then, and since ZEBRA’s script was more coming-of-age than the saga it’s become, Graham brilliantly nailed our concept.

What say you?

We will always be grateful to Graham Hughes. This budding young artist took himself and his gift to LA and at 33, and he’s setting Hollywood on fire as an independent Visual Effects Artist, creating film and tv magic for major brands. Graham, once you’re officially declared “Hollywood’s Hottest Property!” we look forward to selling our piece of your early art for mega bucks.

Until Next We Meet…

…Thank you for once again hopping aboard. Please stay well and catch my Instagram, Facebook or website: – for some of those stark-naked animals you may have missed on today’s safari :o)

Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx

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