Newsletter Reprint

October 2021 Newsletter Reprint

Helloooooooooo, and welcome back to my camo-painted, open air jeep. I can’t wait to take you on a safari to see the wilds of lovely South Africa!

We’re off to see nature’s finest creations – the Big Five – elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, and rhino. Just a reminder: from this jeep, the only shots taken will be via a phone or camera lens. ;o)

While we drive deep into the African bush, we could contemplate spooky things since it’s Halloween, but how about I play a little melody for you from the days of yore.

“Blue Moon” is one of my all-time favorites though it reminds me of how my South African accent and how one single word had me fleeing from Kansas City.


I have another story from my untamed younger days. I’ve included it in a file this time to keep this Jeep ride nice and snappy. You can click below to read it now!

NOTE: click the image above to read the story!

Today is the very last day to peruse some brilliant literary and historical fiction selections! War, intrigue, passion … It can all be found within these pages!

NOTE: The above ended on 10/31/21 – Join Club Untamed to avoid missing anything!


It was wonderful to hear via my brilliant narrator, Peter Noble, that the War Serenade audio book has just won the Reader’s Choice Award!

Zebra also got “his” fair share of good press this month …

Read a Review from Green Gables Book Reviews

You, friend, are a valued subscriber to Club Untamed Newsletter, but you may have joined before a War Serenade outtake was your reward for becoming a member.

Here is a chapter called “Cards & Kisses,” about which my wise editor said, “Cut it! For a first book, War Serenade far exceeds the norm already!”

I loved writing the chapter and want to share it with you. I hope you’ll join Iris, her uptight mother, and Lena, Iris’s “Zulu mom,” for a night when the younger decides they need to entertain themselves during wartime South Africa.

NOTE: “Cards & Kisses” is available only to Club Untamed members – Join Club Untamed today!


I have a confession. Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell.

When you drop me a line about my books, posts or newsletters it entirely makes my day! Just seeing your name in my inbox, mailbox or on Facebook, makes the sun shine brightly for me…and I can’t survive without sunshine…which makes what you do for me UNFORGETTABLE! Thank you!

On social media in November, I will be celebrating delightful author, Megan Fuentes and her marvelous historical fiction and fairytale retellings. So, keep an eye on Club Untamed!

Join Club Untamed!

Megan is also the creator of my gorgeous Zebra and Club Untamed trailers.

In case you missed it…

I am so excited to share that very soon I will be selling South African Lucky Packets on my website: My fellow South Africans and British Commonwealth peers will remember lucky packets as one of the most exciting things from their childhood. Just holding a lucky packet in my hand was gift enough and the ultimate lesson in anticipation. Inside was a treasure made of plastic (mostly) and a few sweeties. It was a treat second to none!

My Lucky Packets will have War Serenade and Zebra in them as well as delicious South African edibles and other surprises. I’m working on them as we “speak.”

Until Next We Meet…

Wishing you good health, love, a peaceful heart, and very best wishes.

Until next time…

Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx

P.S. Don’t forget to go to my Facebook group, Club Untamed, where you’ll find a secret code for members only. Use the code to see my Member’s Secret Page on my website, with outtakes and sneak peeks of things to come!

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