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November 2021 Newsletter Reprint

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… And welcome back to my camo jeep. It’s all revved up and ready to welcome you on board. Before we trek off to see the Untamed, Unexpected and Unforgettable surprises out in the wild, I feel the need to remind myself to live every single moment as if it were my last.

If ever there was a month for gratitude, November is IT, and it’s my perfect chance to say, “thank you.”

I am sublimely grateful for my wonderful readers who show their love of my books with feedback privately and via reviews. They who’ve attended my public signings – even flown in or driven from afar to be there. Please know, every time you touch me with your posts, your emails, your messages, you’re not only flooding my world with sunshine, you’re urging me to keep writing.

This author lacks words to tell you how much your enthusiasm and support means to me. Until I am more equipped, “thank you” will have to suffice. xx


It’s fun to be bi-continental!

While my northern hemisphere baobab branches prepare for winter, my southern baobab roots remind me that spring has become summer. Lush, exotic and colorful gardens bloom and birds in all their migratory majesty arrive from afar, while four-legged mothers give birth to their young and the world pulses with newness and beauty.

See this remarkable footage (it’s long but oh, so worth it):

Watch the Miracle of Life

Year after year at this same time, my mom and I visited the gorgeous town of Plettenberg Bay—a great place to start the spectacular Garden Route in the Cape.

From our window overlooking the sea, we saw pods of massive whales—killer, sei and humpbacks—shoot water stories-high into the air, as the squeals of mating Cape fur seals echoed from nearby Robberg Island.

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My team and I worked tirelessly to create my Lucky Packets, now available on my bookstore!

My fellow South Africans and British Commonwealth peers will remember Lucky Packets as one of the most exciting experiences from our childhoods.

The first thrill was simply holding an unopened Lucky Packet in our hands for as long as we could. Nothing could beat that divine anticipation and delicious excitement!

When we could no longer stand it, we tore open the packet, and spilled out the treasures. They always satisfied—something edible, something fun.

Besides birthdays or Christmases, receiving a Lucky Packet was the most sensational treat a girl or boy could wish for!

My Lucky Packets will recharge your adult-anticipation-button, and once opened, will whisk you (or someone you love) away on a couple of engrossing South African adventures.

Lucky Packets will guide expats down memory lane, and help cure homesickness.

My mailed Lucky Packets, will come with autographed copies of my novels, War Serenade and/or Zebra, deeeeelicious packets of biltong (a traditional South African tidbit) from Dutchy’s Sausages, at least four little surprises as well as a coloring book and/or South African cook book. SUCH fun!

Physical Lucky packets will be mailed to addresses only in USA only right now, but my Electronic Lucky Packet is available world-wide and also loaded with surprises :o)

Purchase Your Lucky Packet Today!

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Read The Wedding Ring

My friend and brilliant author, Pauline Baird Jones, enjoys books you can read in public instead of having to cover them in brown paper as we did as teenagers. We couldn’t risk the chance of our parents catching us reading something racy or banned (OH, YES! SO many books were banned in South Africa in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s!)

Pauline’s unselfish mission is to give authors of all genres a free forum from which to offer their blush-free books, and a place where hungry readers who prefer excitement without the sexy details, will have a plethora of reading choices.

Ms. Baird Jones’ message to readers is thus: “Blush-Free Books is a website and newsletter dedicated to building a community of readers who love exciting, action-filled, and well-written books that are hotter than the clean and sweet, but close the door on the steamy scenes.”

Check out this novel concept!

Discover Blush-Free Books

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Until Next We Meet…

And as we cruise back to base after our wild safari, images of the animals and their young we’ve had the privilege of witnessing, will always be etched in our minds.

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to leave you with a quote from Dickens’ third novel, Nicholas Nickleby:

“Family not only needs to consist of merely those with whom we share blood, but also of those for whom we’d give blood.”

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from me and mine. Until next time…

Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx

P.S. Don’t forget to go to my Facebook group, Club Untamed, where you’ll find a secret code for members only. Use the code to see my Member’s Secret Page on my website, with outtakes and sneak peeks of things to come!

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