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December 2021 Newsletter Reprint

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Hellooooooooo, and welcome again to my shiny, camo jeep with the notes of “Auld Lang Sein” welcoming you aboard.

Another year of challenges we were forced to overcome, but very soon a brand spanking new 2022 will dawn, and we must prepare ourselves to take on this challenge.

2021 has turned me into a crusty old lion. Once virile and popular with lionesses, he’s now scarred and tired as he limps from pride to pride with his own pride long gone, just trying to fit in. But each time he’s ousted by young and virile kings who can better serve the lionesses who hunt for him.

Living on rats and slow rabbits, he’s all but given up as his belly gnaws with hunger. What will become of him?


Yes, friend, it’s a jungle out there. For this old girl to compete and get my books out there, my marvelous coach tells me I must do videos and ask you to share them, so more and more people will know about my books.

Video to my old, scarred self is almost scarier than dying of hunger, but I know only the fittest survive. And survive I must while I strive to thrive.

And so, with my courage in my pocket and my pride tucked under my arm, I will soon come to you via video on facebook now and then.  Please be gentle. Please be kind.

As I try and fail and try again, I’m lucky enough to have the confident voice of Narelle Todd ringing in my ears: “80% and done is better than waiting for 100% and never done.”  It’s a relief to know perfection is not essential.

Click the video above to Watch my First Careful Steps into the World of Video

Though fear and trepidation overwhelm me, I, the crusty old lion, must find the guts to hunt impala. So, join me. Let’s practice being brave. Let’s take on new things with confidence and courage, Let’s step out of the shadows and into the light to claim our fair share of the bounty.

Let’s promise to make our mark on each of the 365 days with conviction in our hearts and optimism in our souls. That’s how we roll. No regrets, just new adventures to face head on with gusto, expecting the very best of outcomes.

Wishing you more this 2022.

I’ll be right here, striving for the same.

Happy New Year!

Cheers, Cheers!


PS. Please help this old lion and spread the word, if you enjoyed War Serenade and or Zebra!

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P.P.S. An update on this crusty old lion we’ll call “Thunder” next month.

P.P.P.S. 2022 is the BEST time for LUCKY PACKETS!

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P.P.P.P.S. Are you looking for something new to read? Look no further! Click or tap on the banners below for new books to add to your collection! These collections will cease to exist when 2021 comes to a close!

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Read Previous Newsletter Reprints

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