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January 2022 Newsletter Reprint – It’s Summer in South Africa

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Helloooooooooo again, and welcome back to my camo-painted jeep.

It’s clean as a whistle thanks to the heavy rains in Gauteng (formerly the Transvaal) this time of year.

It’s the height of summer in South Africa, and on our safari today the animals will be in their element as they show off, frolic and play, making the most of the newly created waterholes. You see, water is scarce in southern Africa, so when at last the rains come, all of us—mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and fish—celebrate.



Today we might see a herd of elephants trumpeting and playfully squirting each other as they convert the small water hole into a mud pool. Watching these behemoth beasts frolic is the best medicine for any ailment of the heart, body or soul.

And witness the plethora of bright, multi-colored birds mirrored in the newly-created lake…a double vision that will take your breath away.

Every year, South Africa’s summer canvas is a phenomenal work of art. It’s as if the creator took the great color wheel and stretched it out s-l-o-w-l-y like a malleable piece of taffy, thereby creating more shades from an already loaded spectrum, and producing spectacularly unique hues.

And then she combined colors we mere humans would never have imagined could live in harmony, and boldly put them on display in sunrises, sunsets, seascapes and landscapes.

There are no colors that are crisper, sharper or more vivid than those that paint each glorious new South African summer day.


After hiding my dimming light under the largest bushel I could find, my brilliant business coach, Narelle Todd, has miraculously lured me out into the big, wide world.

Scary as this coming-out has been, I had great fun with Edith and The Chattering Teacup on their fabulous podcast: The Book Lover’s Companion – the English Version.

Have a listen:

Click on the graphic to listen to Jill Wallace’s interview on the podcast


In the same vein Narelle Todd (google her…she is ay-may-zing) pushed me and pushed me for a year and a half, and I finally committed to…well, being my silly self. It’s my intention to pop onto Facebook each week. PLEASE don’t expect anything profound or cerebral…just some lavatorial humor and sharing…but do let me know how I’m doing or if there are any questions you’d like answered by replying to this email! (NOTE: you can send an email to

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YOU asked, I listened!

Both War Serenade AND Zebra are now available in LARGE PRINT! Just visit your favorite retailer or ask for it at your local library!


Folks, if you like romantic suspense, you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TJ Logan’s award-winning O’Halleran Security Int’l Series. Her latest, Deadly Resurgence, rears its terrifying head in FEBRUARY! I’ve been waiting for #6 with bated breath, and biting my nails in anticipation!

Click on the graphic and order Deadly Resurgence by TJ Logan now!


Yes, $2.99 for all these ebooks! Except for mine. :o) One of my assistants made a mistake, and she is terribly sorry. Still, the show must go on…

NOTE: The Historical Fiction promotion has ended. Sign up for my Club Untamed Newsletter and never miss the goodies!



Here’s a divine excuse for a GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT or FAN-GIRLS-FUN-TIME!

Boys, please note! We’re by no means excluding our male readers!

If you love to read or love to socialize, get to Viera, Florida, come hell or high water, cos this is what’s in store for you at 6:30 p.m. on 26th March, 2022!

Although admission to this event is free, tickets are required!

War Serenade, Zebra and I will be there too, along with dozens of my fantastic fellow STAR authors. Can’t WAIT to see you!


Until Next We Meet…

So, friends, thank you for coming on my safari today and sharing South Africa’s summer spectacle and other delights.  It’s always a joy to have you on board. I’ll leave you with this revelation…

Spa days are essential for the wellbeing and preservation of any species.



(Thanks, BBC!)


Until you hop aboard again, I send you much fondness and a reminder to indulge and spoil yourselves…whatever that means to YOU.

Truth is, to survive in any jungle, we need a little pampering!

Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx

P.S. Don’t forget to go to my Facebook group, Club Untamed, where you’ll find a secret code for members only. Use the code to see my Member’s Secret Page on my website, with outtakes and sneak peeks of things to come!

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