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February 2022 Newsletter Reprint – Excerpts await you…

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Helloooooooooo, and welcome back to my camo jeep!

I don’t know about you, but my life’s been a hellofa ride lately, so, climb aboard and let you and me de-stress, and soak up nature’s wonders as we cruise along, reveling in the unmarred beauty around us.

Deep breath in, as we welcome all things that make us happy, and out… letting go of all the nyagas (troubles/rubbish/poop/yukkie stuff) while we cruise through the living, breathing, beautiful tableau that is South Africa’s wild side.

As we watch the elephant frolic and the flamingoes fly in sync, skimming the water with wide pink wings; and we hear the hyenas’ laugh mirthlessly; and we see the mom-giraffe teach her new offspring how—even with an ungainly gait—running from predators is possible; we’ll marvel at how each species adapts to the wild.



They live to eat, breed and survive with instincts to guide them, but no choices to make.

We humans have the benefit of choice.

In the dry season, when rivers turn into hard, cracked beds, there is no aquatic reprieve for hippos. Their sensitive skin burns quickly under the sweltering African sun. And without water, what use are their webbed toes?

Were we hippos, we’d choose to migrate to a moderate climate where fresh water is plentiful so we could wallow to have fun, not just to survive the harsh climate.

Today we’ve chosen to heighten our senses with meditation, combining a yoga and a safari! An unheard-of combo but hey, whatever’s good for the soul, right?

Ahhh, the power of choice…which brings me to you choosing to spend time with me, right here.

Thank you. Your interest in my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable World is humbly and genuinely appreciated.

Please linger a while and allow me to share some upcoming fun stuff, some exciting news and some fellow authors I think you’ll adore.

‘Till we can spend time together again, remember, you always have a choice.

Choose wisely, and may all your dreams come true.


Pick up a New Historical Romance

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Here’s a first look!

I am well underway with the first of my planned literary fiction five-book 747 series. The first is an (unedited) excerpt from The Ballerina and The Beggar.


During the adagio, when I was free of the barré, I danced on air. 

Light as a cloud-enchanting-and capable of absolutely anything, is how he made me feel.

No matter which direction I moved, I saw his beautiful face. Like sunlight slashing through Moscow’s depressing winter snow, his perfect smile, and green, twinkling eyes, magically transformed my landscape.

And when my pirouette was particularly crisp; or I extended my arabesque beyond my body’s confines; I’d be rewarded with emerald eyes lighting up magically, as his now-weathered artist-hands, applauded my efforts. 

I danced—not for Madame who was counting on me to continue the reputation of her famous studio—not for those I had to impress to keep dancing in this competitive world—not even simply, for the love of dance. No.

You see, our souls were so connected that it didn’t matter he was a whole flight down, sitting in the snow, with no window into my world. I knew my Mikhail was watching, and I danced just for him.




It is with great excitement that I announce Zebra will soon be an audiobook!

The illustrious Audie-winning narrator of War Serenade, Peter Noble, will bring my story to life using his gift for accents from our native land. Peter won The Rone Award with his narration of my War Serenade.

Together we found a home at Blackstone Publishing, and we are both super stoked!

To read more about the serendipitous connection Peter Noble and I share, take a listen to our previous collaboration:

Sample the War Serenade Audiobook


Revered author (who makes me giggle) Lucy Lakestone has a new novel, Jiggered by Gin! This delightful romp will find you wondering, “Who the heck dunnit, luv?” all the way to The End!

When spunky mixologist Pepper with her penchant for mystery-solving goes to London, all hell breaks loose, and the fun and games (and creative beverages) begin!

True to form, in her FOURTH book in the Bohemian Bartenders cozy mystery series, the inimitable Ms. Lakestone intoxicates with her settings, her characters, her humor, her divine drinks and her mystery! Jiggered by Gin is entirely UNEXPECTED!

It hits e-stands and all others THIS MARCH!

Bottom’s up, Old Chap! Tally-ho and yoiks!

Here’s the D-lightful trailer:




Grab a Military Romance like War Serenade

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If you live anywhere around or within a 100-mile (heck, make that 1,000-mile—we can fly again!!! Whoooopeeeeeeeeee!!) radius of Melbourne, Florida, have I got a reader event for YOU!!!

Make it a girls’ night out; or a me-mini-fest; or a magical getaway while the family mouse-sies with Mickey…but just MAKE IT!

No matter what books you love to read—from erotica, to suspense, small-town romance to sci-fi, lit fic to historical—your literary bliss will be at 6:30 p.m. on the 27th March, 2022 at the Holiday Inn Melbourne-Viera Conference Center, 8298 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32940.

There’ll be a complimentary dessert bar, the signing is free, there’s a cash bar and scores of fellow authors and I are dying to meet you!

P.S. I will have my new LARGE PRINT War Serenade and Zebra on sale too! If I should keep any books aside till you get there, don’t hesitate to give me a SHOUT:





TJ Logan has become a legend.

Her sixth book in the O’Halleran Security Int’l romantic suspense series, is another winner!

This author has the ability to make me flip pages like a speed reader and her Deadly Resurgence is heating Kindle to a hot sizzle!

Put up the air-con (I don’t care if you live in AK or you’re not yet menopausal, TJ Logan’s books will make you sweat) and get sucked into her scary-yet-satisfying world today!


Read an Excerpt and buy Deadly Resurgence by TJ Logan now!



One of my assistants, Megan Fuentes, has written another of her World’s Fair novellas! This one takes place at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904, and it’s a twist on her usual recipe for love: no ingénue—instead, substitute one widow who’s entered a marriage of convenience with her husband’s best friend—and who now wants out of the arrangement.

But her new husband is secretly, desperately in love with our widow. Can a romantic day spent at the World’s Fair convince her to stay with him, or will she choose to let her past dictate her future?


Read In St. Louis with You


Until Next We Meet…

And so, my friends…may your choices always be wise.

But even if they’re not, I wish you a quick recovery and a good memory so you never repeat the bad ones.

Meantime, I will always choose you!

HOPE to see you at our live event on the 26th March 2022 at 6:30 p.m. Don’t forget your ticket!

Cheers! Cheers!


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