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April 2022 Newsletter Reprint – Let’s Celebrate Friends

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Helloooooooooo and welcome to my camo jeep.

Thank you for spending time to celebrate the privilege of having “Zebra” the novel released as an AUDIO BOOK with me.

Isn’t it fabulous to hear Peter Noble through the jeep’s speaker system?


Zebra Audiobook Jill Wallace – YouTube

Thank you to the lovely Pauline Baird Jones for creating this adorable video for me!

To say Peter is ‘narrating’ “Zebra” (the audio) is a dismal understatement. This famous talent, winner of The Audie and The Rone is ‘LIVING’ “Zebra”.

Peter Noble’s incredible ear for accents, and his innate ability to bring characters to life, makes for a mesmerizing one-man-show! His versatility is reflected in the many shades of accent, intonation and speech he gives my characters in “Zebra”. I can’t wait for you to listen to the audio and let me know what you think!! It’s available now on Amazon.

Read all about Peter’s incredible accomplishments

As we get close to the gates of the game reserve, Peter will lead the way by fading his voice to silent, so as not to scare away the plethora of game we’re likely to see.

But Papin and Jock’s extraordinary friendship will echo in our minds as we witness the beautiful bonds animals share. Each species has its own, strictly enforced social system and friends are made, pulled apart and reunited throughout their lives, just like ours.

Let’s watch the elephants as they mock-fight, and let’s marvel at how demonstrative they are to each other. I bet your heart, like mine, swells as they play in the mud on this sunny day. And no matter how much frolicking and fun they’re having, they never lose sight of those they hold dear.

The relationships between these beautiful animals make me verklempt with gratitude for the wonderful friendships I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

My oldest and dearest friends are 8,000 miles away. Though we’ve been on different continents for 32 years, neither distance nor time is strong enough to separate us.

My Virginia girls were my first, true, friends when this country was new to me. It’s they who are the heroines in the 747 midlife/contemporary/time travel/historical series I’m working on. I aim to nail their delightful quirks and the special sauce we create when we’re together. It’s a pungent, robust brew we collectively churn up that’s addictive enough to keep these girls as important to me as they were 26 years ago.


It’s my privilege to share with you, a special friendship between two remarkable, highly intelligent, articulate women, who chase storms together. Check out Chris Kridler and Alethea Kontis.



Take a moment and check out the amazing books that Chris writes about her epic storm chasing adventures on Amazon.


Here’s a toast to some new books some of my creative friends’ have recently released. I find them heartfelt, titillating, exciting, enchanting and bewitching…take a peek!



To celebrate my new audio book, I am giving away a code for a FREE “ZEBRA” AUDIO. Details on my website

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It is my pleasure to share some other books you may find enchanting.

Today is the day to peruse some brilliant literary and historical fiction selections! War, intrigue, passion … It can all be found within these pages, FREE for a limited time!

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Until Next We Meet…

I am so grateful for my friends, one and all who color my world with light, wisdom, comfort, support, cheerleading and love. How lucky I am! I’m grateful to you for spending time with me too.

Today and every day, I wish you the blessing of a dear friend.

Till next time and with love,

Cheers, Cheers!

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