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June 2022 Newsletter Reprint – Celebrating Remarkable Friends

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Helloooooooooo again, and welcome to my camo jeep. Half of 2022 is nearly done, so let’s not another minute waste. As your tushy nestles into the cushy seat from which you’ll enjoy our virtual safari, check out the thought for the day, hanging from the front of the jeep.

“Of all the means to ensure happiness throughout the whole life, by far the most important is the acquisition of friends.” Epicurus.

I feel an overwhelming gratitude for the greatest gift of all – friendship. On this tour, while we watch the animals palling around, I’m excited to share a few of my remarkable friends and their accomplishments with you.


Beth; Debby; Betsy; Brenda & Lucky

The heroines of my new series are based on my Virginia Girls. All realtors, when life scattered us around the country, we carved out a week each year for 23 years, for our get-togethers. There were belly laughs and high adventures from Hull to Duck; Fort Worth to Kitty Hawk; Dallas to Boston; Watkins Glen to Myrtle Beach; Niagara Falls to Massanutten; and Melbourne to the Caribbean.

My New Series Coming May 2023 by author Jill Wallace

Here we are, but expect names to be changed to protect innocent people and husbands who might misconstrue my imagination for the real thing :o)


My dear friend Sandy, gorgeous inside and out, just finished traversing the Camino Trail through France and Spain with a friend.

524 Kilometers. Six grueling weeks.

When I asked Sandy “What is the most awe-inspiring take-home from your pilgrimage?” She said “I realized what a profound effect negative thoughts have on my body.”

“One day I woke up grumpy, dreading the 13 miles of flat terrain ahead. My navy-blue toenails ached; my fellow pilgrims were getting on my nerves. Alone and dragging my body on the roughly beaten path, I had a pissy, negative thought, and immediately felt myself falling forward in slow-motion. And it hurt! After the third time it happened, I took heed, changed my attitude and never fell again.” 


Sandy Jill Wallace Author




A gifted jewelry designer is my friend, Sandra Springs, who offered to name her exquisite black and white jewelry line after my book Zebra. It was one of the biggest gifts I have ever received. I wear Sandra’s brilliant designs with pride and love. You can too.

A Gift of Love 29 jewelry Jill Wallace author

Visit A Gift of Love 29

My friend Candace Colt is a deep, funny, quick-witted onion of a woman, with layers that continually surprise me. Thus she made it into the “Unexpected” part of your safari. Candace  pours all these delightful traits, along with her other gifts – a great listener and an empath, into her divine books.

BEWITCHING ANDIE is the first book in the Baga Shores Romance Series and is perfect for fans of feel-good, sweet romance stories, lovable magical characters, and enchanting small towns.

Bewitching Andie by Candace Colt

Pre Order Now

I’ve known my oldest friend, Debbie since I was four. And here she is as of days ago. Debbie had multiple complicated back surgeries over years and years. Doctors told her she might never walk again. Proof that you can’t keep a good woman down, Debbie has not only passed all of her belly dancing exams with honors but teaches and performs. You go, Deb!

Deb Belly Dancing Jill Wallace Author

Visit Debbie Here



I sold June Long-Schuman and her husband a home. I fell in love with the pair but had no idea of modest-June’s great talent or her fame. Isn’t it fun to discover new things about nice people? Known for her moving depiction of 911, June is a celebrated artist. Now she’s making huge impressions (pardon the pun) around town, and I couldn’t be prouder. Here is her recent work which perfectly depicts our Florida.

June Long-Schuman Jill Wallace Author

Find June Here


S. E. Smith is a multi-award-winning author beloved the world over for her rich romance novels: paranormal, SciFi, and now contemporary, in her thrilling new series, “Girls from the Street”.

Susan S.E. Smith is the most-modest hugely successful author I know. She’s a relentless giver of her precious time to help fellow authors. I am so proud to call her my friend. As we speak, Susan and husband Steve have taken on a mammoth challenge – the Appalachian Trail – a pilgrimage from Georgia through some treacherous terrain and all 2194 miles to Maine.

But don’t think she’s left her ardent readers hanging. No way, Jose! S.E. has a full series to release while she’s away, and you better believe she is conjuring up all sorts of sexy adventures which will knock our socks off on her return.

Here’s the first in S.E. Smith’s new series, “Girls from the Street”. I am enthralled with the antics, action and attraction of billionaires, and am fairly quivering with anticipation for book 2!

S.E. Smith Something About Aimee Jill Wallace Author

See More Here

Speaking of palling around, no need to disembark so soon, put your feet up and enjoy watching these mismatched friends…but wait! Mismatched Friends? Surely an oxymoron!

When I think of all those who mean a lot to me, they are so very different, as well as different from me. They could be ducklings to my cat or tigers to my bear.

Watch this and you’ll catch my drift.

Until Next We Meet…

I bet on this very jeep there are many of you with magical, marvelous and moving stories. I’d love to brag about you too, friend, so please drop me a line and tell me about your remarkable self.

Until next we meet, say thank you to your friends. They are the lifeblood of human joy and the coolest way to pass the time on this planet we call ‘earth’.

An elephantine thank you to YOU, for taking precious time to celebrate the beautiful gift of friendship with me.

Cheers! Cheers!



P.S. You’ll always find friendship as a strong element in my books: In War Serenade POW Pietro goes to hell…and finally back – all because of his friends. (OK…and a red head named Iris.)

In Zebra, Jock and Papin share a complicated friendship and prove some bonds can never be broken.

P.P.S. Huge congrats to Debra Wolsleben and Eliza Olsen who won my brilliant friend, Brenna Ash’s thrilling, sexy audio books – A Pirate’s Wrath and A Pirate’s Treasure. And all because they responded to my newsletter competition with fingers as fast as a pirate’s fancy! Well Done!

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