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July 2022 Newsletter Reprint – Age is a State of Mind, not a State of Being

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Helloooooooooo Again.

Always a joy to have you back in my world.

Aging has been on my mind since Athol and I recently had birthdays.

I’ve come to the conclusion you are only as old as you think you are.

I reckon we can learn a whole lot about handling age from Mother Earth.

So, lean back, relax, and get ready for some au-natural tips to keep you youthful, as we have fun in the sun on our safari!

Ahhhh, let’s slow down to watch a herd of elephant. Some forage while youngsters frolic in a mud bath and the rest look on, their expressive,

giant ears flapping at the flies.

These mammoth land mammals live for an average of 70 years and females remain fertile all their lives. Even though their skin is more wrinkled than ever, it seems they retain that “IT” factor!

MORAL OF THIS STORY? Feel sexy as long as you can!



Living up to its name, the Galapagos Giant Tortoise is the biggest in the world. The oldest one on record is 152 years! They’re also one of the laziest species, sleeping for nearly 16 hours a day!

MORAL OF THIS STORY? 1. Go slowly.  2. Get there when you get there. 3. Sleep a lot. 4. Don’t stress just keep going forward regardless. You’ll soon forget what ailed you.


While we’re driving around southern Africa, let’s hang north and visit Angola. A big pink diamond of 170 carats has just been discovered there. It’s claimed to be the largest such gemstone found in 300 years.

But on second thoughts, we can stay in South Africa and use the spades under your seats of my camo jeep.

We’ll stop, hop off and just dig away.

After all, the biggest diamond ever – The Cullinan diamond – was found in South Africa in 1905 and tips the scales at 3,106 carats!

It’s in the British Sovereign’s Scepter.

We must never lose hope. Miracles do happen :o)  So let’s dig!

MORAL OF THIS STORY? It takes between 1 and 4 billion years to make a diamond. Why shouldn’t WE improve with age?



Alert! Safari detour! Fasten your camo seatbelts!

We’re whipping over to my ‘new’ home turf, north America.

Here we acknowledge the oldest known person in human history who has had proof of age.  (Thank you, Dale P. Lee!)

Meet the Chippewa Indian Chief, White Wolf, sometimes called by his

American name, John Smith.

White Wolf had 8 wives, fought many battles with the Lakota/Sioux Indians,

and remembered the War of 1812.

When he was 116 years old, he was run over by a locomotive; a sure death for most,

but White Wolf made a full recovery in 3 weeks.

At 138, living in Minnesota, he occasionally ran into bears on his long walks.

When they aggressively reared up on hind legs, he’d point his staff at the fearsome bears and give them a stern talking to.

MORALS OF THIS STORY? 1. When you’re really old and sh*t happens, you have a choice: a. you give up and die, or b. you get up and dust yourself off. 2. A ripe old age means you’ve earned the right NOT to take anymore sh*t from anybody or anything!


Coming very close to home, consider Iris.

My mother was an old soul, an enigma.

She never judged anyone, and her credo was live and let live. Without pretense, Iris related to young and old, gay and straight, maudlin and fun, fanciful and a little dippy.

She loved them all and they loved her.

One young friend noted Iris was too much fun to grow old gracefully, rather she’d grown old “disgracefully”.

Iris dined out on that label.

She lived life to its fullest and died on her own terms. Iris enjoyed a couple of brandies every evening; smoked up a storm; was always ready for a party; flirted mercilessly with men and women; played tennis till she was 80; and made the piano talk – by ear.

She’d lost count of her age and had no desire to find out.

Her years had no bearing on her state of mind and thus, limited her not at all.

MORAL OF THIS STORY? If you are lucky enough to know someone as enigmatic and complex as Iris, you don’t need to exhaust your imagination while creating your first literary heroine. 

Thank you, Mommy xx.

P.S. I have a suspicion you’ve morphed into my muse. How lucky I am!

Until Next We Meet…

And so dear friends, lets live as if we were dying. It’s surely the only way to stay in the present – which is a gift.

I know none of these thoughts are original, but they sure are true and a great reminder to have as much fun as we can while we’re here!

Until next we meet, I wish you great joy

as you live your best moments – one at a time.

Thank you with all my heart for spending time with me.

Cheers Cheers!


Jill xx

But…. I can’t leave you without delights AND high recommendations, so here goes!

A lucky winner and some super-fun-books will help you feel young. Enjoy!

NOTE: The Lucy Lakestone Wrecked by Rum Audiobook giveaway has ended. Sign up for my Club Untamed Newsletter and never miss the goodies!

I am an audiobook snob. If my favorite author’s work is narrated in a monotone,

I just can’t listen to it.

Lucy Lakestone is not just a narrator…

she is an Oscar-worthy actress – to my ear.

Her newest audio, “Wrecked by Rum” has me in stitches.

Her metaphors blow me away and her multiple accents are beyond fabulous.

Pepper – her heroine – has become my bestie.

This is Lucy’s second and equally captivating AUDIO book in her Bohemia Bartender series.

I had to pull over to the side of the road recently, cos I nearly pee’d my pants,

‘Wrecked’ made me laugh so hard!

Get Wrecked by Rum Here

Speaking of good times….another favorite author, naughty, funny as hell, imaginative, sexy and brilliant, is Winnie Winkle.  Don’t miss her latest  ****DRUM ROLL****

Get Funkin’ Weird Today
And grab the rest of her AWESOME series here

And since we are keeping things fun, clever and witty, there’s always FANTASMAGORICAL author, Pauline Baird Jones.

If you don’t know PBJ, you are missing out on immense pleasure.

Pauline writes gorgeous books filled with unusual quirks, twists and turns.

One chapter and she’ll soon become one of your besties.

Immerse yourself into Pauline’s thirty-something books, all clever tales of intrigue, some sci-fi, some WWII, some Big Easy. Pauline Baird Jones provides a plethora of possibilities.

Wallow happily in Jones’s exciting, unpredictable world and always enjoy a happily ever after. Sigh….

Pauline Baird Jones’s new adventure coming 18th August is  “The Family Way” A Big Uneasy Short Story.

“Attend” Nell’s baby shower, complete with silly games, cops and criminals.

With Pauline, it will no doubt be a super-fun caper!

Find it here

Last but by NO MEANS least, is author CANDACE COLT’s Book 1 of her new BAGA SHORES” series. It’s on sale now and it’s SO MUCH FUN, readers are raving!

Candace Colt always delights me, and “Bewitching Andy” hits the sweet spot.

Candace writes romance with a magical twist. I LOVE HER. You will too!

I simply can’t WAIT for Book II in Baga Shores!

Bewitching Andie by Candace Colt

Read Bewitching Andie Now

While you’re checking out Bewitching Andie, take a look at Charming Sabrina, book 2 in the Baga Shores series. Available August 11, 2022

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