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October 2022 Newsletter Reprint – New Confident YOU!

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Helloooooooooo and welcome back to my camo-colored jeep for a trip on the wild side.

Stow your baggage safely under you seat… and fasten your seatbelts…WAIT!

Sorry! Sorry! I am so buried in my WIP (Work in Progress) about South African Airways airhostesses from the 80s, we nearly ventured higher than intended :o)

Lovely to have you here. Please sit back, relax and let’s take a look at our wild, wide world and all its wonders.

One of the themes in my Flights of the Heart series, is confidence, or in my protagonist’s case, the lack of it – before she turns it around. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and while the former is empowering to self, the latter is intimidating to others.

As we meander through our game park, taking in all the wonders around us, I wanted to share some confidence boosters with you, just in case you’re feeling lacking in any way, as we all do from time to time.

Confidence is a vital human quality: it makes us ready for life’s experiences, it helps us to stay positive and to avail ourselves of all the opportunities life has to offer. Each one of us deserves to be confident.

Sure, from the jeep we can look out towards the brush and see the powerful lion prowl confidently…hell, it’s easy to be the king of the jungle (well, until man interferes), but I’d guess you and I should strive to be more like peacocks. They seem to be super-self-confident, but they don’t know how beautiful their feathers are, they only see how mates and man react to those feathers. I think we should consider the peacock as the inspiration to explore our true potential. Let’s concentrate on our inner light, then there’ll be no need to strut, we’ll simply glow with confidence.

Check out some surprising Symbols of Confidence – as described in Give me History:

*Secretary Bird – Represents someone who can stand their ground, face fears and state their opinion when it matters. Seeing a secretary bird represents that important decision should be made with confidence.

*The Lionfish symbolizes courage. Outwardly gentle distinctly weak-looking, their inner self is quite fearless, and they encourage letting go of negatives in oneself and embracing your confidence.

*The Amaryllis Flower, found in South Africa, is a trumpet-shaped fragrant flower which attracts butterflies, birds and bees and symbolizes self-confidence and pride.

*The color yellow boasts confidence and denotes optimism and it’s said the wavelength of yellow color is relatively long and it stimulates the brain. Red symbolizes confidence – often worn by royalty and celebrities. So, add a dash of red to anything you’re wearing, and you’ll hint at the confidence you carry within and allude to the promise of your strength.

So, pass around the padkos (South African road food). Nibble on the biltong and slowly sip your Amarula liqueur while we peek at what else is happening in our wild wonderful world.


Kick back in your camo seat. Here’s an interesting video on how scientists are able to help preserve our beautiful African Continent in the Botswana area:



Here’s a chap who was so confident in his ability to doodle, he created a brand and became very, very rich!

Moral of the Story? If you love anything, make sure you love it with all your heart! Then do it as often as you can with as much passion as you can muster, and do it till you perfect it. Then BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and do it till you become Rich!


I’m delighted I’ve been invited to spend time celebrating Southern Africa.

Mark your calendars!

Celebrate Southern Africa


Celebrate Southern Africa Please join @dawnadenton to meet the amazingly talented, and award-winning @jwallaceauthor on Thursday 17th November at 19:00 GMT on Facebook Live (on the Celebrate Southern Africa Page) Jill will be joining us from Florida, USA.

How exciting!

Jill Wallace was born and bred in South Africa and lived the second half of her life in America. She feels like the African baobab with roots that look like branches. Like the confused “Upside Down Tree” she no longer knows where the South African ends and the American begins. She hopes it affords her some degree of complexity. A girl can always hope :o).

#celebratesouthernafrica #southafricanwriters #southafricanwriter #usasaffas  #southafrica#proudlysouthafrican #proudlysouthafrican


It would be a travesty if you forgot to buy your loved ones something really, really UNTAMED, UNEXPECTED & UNFORGETTABLE for Christmas.

We’re planning an EXCLUSIVE CHRISTMAS SALE on Lucky Packets for my readers and Club Untamed Members Only!

These products are available on my website:

Starting 15th November and ending on the 30th November, 2022…I’ll be offering HUGE discounts on my South African Lucky Packets—but only for this LIMITED TIME.

How would you like to send your friends an exotic package (in lieu of a plane ticket for a safari ;o) or have a bundle of fun South African Delights land on your expat friends’ and family’s doorstep to cure their homesickness?

All you have to do is place your order and I’ll do the rest…they will get their Lucky Packets

delivered to their door! (USA only but there are digital delights for overseas Untamed Members too.)

Lucky Packets are ONLY available through Look for the button that says CHRISTMAS SPECIALS on the homepage and let me thrill your loved ones on your behalf in time for Christmas. Tinkle. Tinkle.


One of my favorite authors, Pauline Baird Jones is taking a stand.

As an author, getting lost in the ever-increasing jungle that is Amazon, can make one feel like a tiny pimple on the ass of a bull elephant!

Ms. Jones has decided to launch her Cyborg Chronicles on Kickstarter.

I asked her: “What IS Kickstarter?”

The quirky, spunky, New York Times Best Selling author who is Pauline Baird Jones replied, “First, it is NOT GoFundMe. It is a platform for creators and backers to come together and make amazing things happen!

“And it is great for readers because we get to find new authors, exclusive and limited-time editions of books, and cool swag.”

Pauline continued.  “I’m so excited to introduce my fans and new readers to my Cyborg Chronicles and all the deluxe and exclusive editions and swag that I’m offering to my backers! Hop on over, please, to before it’s all gone forever!”

Well, I confess, I was so excited, I said “I love new readers, Pauline! Here, take my books and give them away as part of your Christmas special.”

I am thrilled she agreed. Take a peek:

If you love the Treks & the Gates, join Pauline Baird Jones aka Perilous Pauline, on an adventure in their tradition—with her own unique twist! Launching NOW and exclusively on Kickstarter: The Cyborg Chronicles, a Project Enterprise spin-off series!


And so, dear friends, until you join me next time on our untamed safari, I leave you with these wise words from those who said it best:

If you hear a voice saying: “You are not a painter,” then by all means paint, boy, and that voice will be silenced. – Vincent van Gogh

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. – Eleanor Roosevelt

The confidence I now have is rooted in the discovery that who I am is okay. – Dudley Moore

Till we meet again, I wish you quiet confidence and the ability to secretly

like yourself – a LOT!

Cheers Cheers!



A Fabulous Surprise!

NOTE: The Fantastic Fiction giveaway has ended. Sign up for my Club Untamed Newsletter and never miss the goodies!

Today, I have a fun surprise to share with you…

I’ve teamed up with 50+fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of Literary, Historical & Book Club Fiction books to 2 lucky winners!

Oh, and did I mention the Grand Prize winner gets a BRAND NEW eReader?

You can win my novel “War Serenade”, plus books from authors like Amanda Lees and Joyana Peters.

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