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February 2023 Newsletter Reprint – Shine Bright Like a Diamond

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Helloooooooooo, and welcome to my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable World!

I’ve just dulled down my camo jeep for you on the outside but the inside is shiny and inviting.

My objective on this safari is to avoid attracting animals to the jeep – that could be fatal – so we keep it low-key to absorb as much of the wild animal sanctuary as possible, without being noticed.

But on the inside? Well, my jeep is bursting with cool stuff to make you comfortable and give you the most fabulous of safaris.

Makes me think of a book. How many glossy covers have I picked up, imagining the perfect graphic is indicative of the fantabulous read on the inside? My eyes dart from line to line, eager to fall in love so I might recommend this book to all and sundry and for as long as springboks lose their spring. But, alas! Inside that lovely cover, the words prove to be as dull as Dyker poop.

This reminds me of people. I’m always one to admit somebody is gorgeous when they are, but I’m eager to discover their essence in hopes they’re interesting on the inside.

Occasionally I’m disappointed.

I love it when people glow on me. They seem plain on the outside, but they have so much substance on the inside, they become stunning. For me, it’s the unexpected that makes life truly interesting and people who are beautiful on the inside, who rock my world and make it a better place to be.

That’s my goal when I’m writing a book. I want the story to be something completely different and surprising.

And for those who enjoy my words, Thank you.

I write for you.

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On the camo jeep, in your seat pocket in front of you (you can take the Boeing out of the flight attendant…I’m so wrapped up in Lucky’s journey to become an airhostess in my book 1 of the Flights of the Heart series, I get carried away) you’ll find your ticket to my Club Member’s reader’s reward.

Just send an email to: Subject line: , and I will send you “Cards & Kisses.”

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Speaking of not judging a book by its cover, take a look at these young guys and what they did for a broken soul. It made me weep.


Yes, on our tour today we were awed by majestic elephants; we watched as springboks leapt; we ooh’d and aaah’d as a baby rhino nursed while mama foraged; we saw the sky turn pink as a flamboyance of flamingoes passed over us; and we marveled at the beauty of nature in all her glory.

But before we return to base, watch the screen in front of you, as we witness animals reunited with their owners or saviors. Good luck getting through this without a tissue…I couldn’t. (Tissues are in the seat pocket in front of you :o) CONFESSION: I cry when things are sad, moving, touching and deliriously joyful, so that means I am often moved to tears. I am so tacky. Instead of a neat pack of tissues (because my desk is soooo untidy I wouldn’t be able to find it in a rush) I use a toilet roll large enough to be easily found! But that’s tween us ;o)



March is Women’s History Month, so in celebration, we’ve swapped my WAR SERENADE with TWO renown historical fiction authors.

They both offer stories for your delight.

If you’ve not yet discovered this brilliant author, it is with enormous pleasure that I give you…drumroll…Suzanne Kelman, who has sold over 400,000 books!

Suzanne’s riveting novels have been translated into a number of languages. Many are inspired by true stories such her latest, WE FLY BENEATH THE STARS, an utterly powerful, poignant and heartbreaking WWII novel.

I am so excited. WE FLY BENEATH THE STARS is next up on my audio loaded into my car. Having an exciting book to listen to, makes my wheels fly!


And to celebrate a different time in history, we’d love you to consider Aline Francis. She is offering a free book for you. Enchanting the Captain set in the Scottish Highlands in 1651.

With one glimpse of her, the coldness of his heart turns warm.

She is the only woman with the power to seduce him, yet their fated off-limits love is a matter of life and death.

A forbidden romance of a wickedly handsome British Captain and Enchanting Scottish Healer.

Get Your Free Copy

Until we meet again, if you haven’t yet, settle in with ZEBRA, and relish in the complexity of Papin and Jock’s friendship.

My books are always available at

Tell your friends to join Club Untamed HERE:

And visit Audible and download WAR SERENADE to enjoy award-winning storyteller Peter Noble bringing my words to life with his brilliant South African accents on or wherever you get your favorite audios.

And so, my friend, thank you for joining my safari today. And remember, there’s no need to worry about your ‘cover’ if your book inside is worthy.

As soon as someone takes the time to read the real you, your outer-layer will glow from within, transforming your cover to a thing of great beauty.

Once you’ve recognized your own amazing worth, consider skimming over the misleading cover of another, then take a good look inside and watch their luminosity blossom.

Cheers, Cheers,


P.S. Would you like to stock your tbr pile? Check out these FREE reads

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