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May 2023 Newsletter Reprint – Announcement, cookies, and more!

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Helloooooooooo, and WELCOME BACK to my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable World.

In Melbourne, Florida, Spring wraps our trees with leaves and baby squirrels dance in golden sunshine in the northern hemisphere, while south of the equator, autumn’s fingers gently stroke flowers, plants, leaves and lawns, whispering promises of a winter of rest.

I’ve always thought April in South Africa the best month of all. The skies are endlessly blue and the beating sun has moved towards the Tropic of Cancer, leaving perfectly moderate temperatures by day and nights with just enough nip in the air to remind us that we’re vital and alive.

Kick off your shoes as we begin our safari, unbutton your jacket and enjoy gentle breezes as the plethora of untamed animals parade now and then,

but hold on tight…

I have exciting news!


Thanks to this wonderful animal rescue organization, ADI (Animal Defenders

International) see if you can spot Tarzan and Tanya now

roaming freely in the wilds of South Africa. Always together as soulmates are destined to be.

(It’s okay if you have a weep. I did!)


I can’t keep it in a moment longer…I’m about to burst! So, after you’ve witnessed that giraffe feeding on the still-lush brush, please let me share…

My new novel, Timeless Beginnings The Prequel, is imminently being delivered to the inbox of my trusted Beta Readers, and then, this first book Time Flies my six-book series, will be released in an unusual way.

Please mark your calendars. The date has been set: 30th May, 2023. My team and I are working hard making beautiful pictures to show off the fabulous extras which will thrill my special readers!

Kickstarter is the only place my new book will be available, until later this year. I’ll be offering Timeless Beginnings in e-book, print and hardcover copies EXCLUSIVELY on Kickstarter, as well as a myriad of tiered delights.

I’ve chosen the Kickstarter avenue for my series debut because this way, I can offer you so much MORE than just the chance to buy my book – which of course, will be in your hands before anyone else’s. My goal is to involve you, envelope you, embrace you as we fly the friendly skies together, having a blast along the way.

Kickstarter tiers will offer everything from saying ‘Thank You’ to you and yours on a special page of ‘Acknowledgements’ in all formats of Timeless Beginnings: e-book, print and hardback; to using your or your loved one’s name for a character; to a Lucky Packet with all sorts of South African goodies; to a Book Club Special offer; to some very cool psychic adventures and gifts; to my favorite – a limited number of folks will join my friend Bev from Bev’s Bakes and me in her kitchen via Zoom, as we whip up some South African delights. Of course, those lucky backers will receive the recipes, Timeless Beginnings, and all manner of enchantments, in addition to our time together.

Wow! See what I mean? This is about fun and inclusion and you being a BIG part of my Time Flies journey.

I can’t wait!

Even though our plan for the launch will be South African comfort food, have a peek at Bev Bake’s cookies she created for a Kentucky Derby and a Little Mermaid birthday party. Bev’s Bakes are world famous and made from scratch!


I promise to do all I can to make Lucky van Niekerk, protagonist of Timeless Beginnings, unforgettable to YOU.

New York Times/USA Today Bestselling Author, S.E. Smith says of the series Time Flies:

Jill Wallace’s storytelling reaches a new level with her Paranormal Women’s Fiction. I loved learning what it takes to be an SAA hostess, but it was nothing to living through the incredible stories of Lucky and the other women in search of their soulmates! Multiple stories, multiple twists, and worlds that make you feel like you are living them: both past and present.

Here is a FIRST TIME RELEASED blurb of Timeless Beginnings:

Former South African Airways hostess (the SA version of a flight attendant), psychic, hermit, super smeller, dog lover Lucky van Niekerk, will be your host(ess!) throughout the Time Flies series, so it’s important you get to know her before the fun and games begin.

Lucky from Timeless Beginnings, was born with a caul – a membrane that covers a baby’s head and promises a bumpy life of seeing dead people. But whatever she isn’t, Lucky is adaptable, learning early to block the ghosts so she can fit in with real people.

Her life is fraught with disappointments she outmaneuvers with a hefty dollop of tenacity, but before we can cheer for her unlikely achievements, she’s unwillingly pulled back in time all the way to the eighteenth century. A time when Lucky was a scarlet woman ready to pay her fiery penance.

You see, Lucky traded her ability to see spirits for a heightened sense of smell. So now she smells them, which is not always fun but when she finally lets her nose lead the way, amazing things happen. She’s able to help law enforcement find cold case victims for instance, but she still can’t find her soulmate – the one she dreamed of in the crew rest at 36,000 feet, thirty years before. (For my American readers, a crew rest is a bunk bed module installed on the 747 for long haul flights so the crew can get some shut eye.)

And it’s her soulmate who keeps her up at night. She refuses to settle for anyone else. In the middle of the night, three decades after her crew rest rendezvous, she takes the universe by the wings and shakes her.

“I’m getting long in the tooth! Tell me what to do to find my soulmate.”

And the universe answers, “help others to help yourself.”  After much puzzlement Lucky finds a rogue Facebook page for 1980’s jumbo 747 crew members and posts: If you had a weird dream about your soulmate that still keeps you awake, email me.

Now Lucky the hermit is opening her home, but never her heart, to four women she really doesn’t know, who expect her to help them find their soulmates.

And Lucky has no option but to deliver them if she ever wants to see the man she’s loved…well, forever.

My friend, I do so hope you’ll join me on my 17-day Kickstarter Adventure.

Until next we meet, consider rescuing somebody. A person or an animal, emotionally or literally, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is how it will make YOU feel. Then please share it. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending a little time in my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable world.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for my launch on 30th May which lasts until 15th June.

Then, Clear the skies for us to fly in. I have your wings.

Cheers, Cheers,


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Here are my favorite New Releases…

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