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July 2023 Newsletter Reprint – ARC opportunity, a new project, and an update on the leg

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Helloooooooooo, and Welcome to my Safari!

Thank you for joining me in my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable World! My camo jeep has been in the shop, so I apologize for this month’s wee delay.

Firstly, thank you so very much if you contributed to my Kickstarter campaign in some way: whether participant, investor or follower. What a privilege to have your support. I am so thrilled folks came to play on this new-to-me forum. My gratitude for all the generous encouragement for the first of my “Time Flies” series, is humongous.

It was an exciting experience and a successful one because YOU were there.

I’ll be working hard over the next few months to fulfill all the promises made during my campaign. “Timeless Beginnings” will be rewritten one last time with tweaks suggested by my Beta Readers, then formatted, printed and dispatched. As promised, my Kickstarter readers will be the FIRST to receive

Timeless Beginnings.

There are some openings for readers to enjoy Advanced Reader’s Copies. If you’d like to read “Timeless Beginnings” before its published, so you might review it and share your anticipation with friends and loved ones before we launch, please email me:


The trajectory of our lives is always untamed and unpredictable.

In a second, our lives can change.

Lucky for me, my upheaval is manageable, though having a broken leg is no fun – especially when one is an active realtor. But in truth, I look around, and so many people I love have recently endured or lost more than the temporary use of one leg. So, all in all, I feel lucky.

Here’s a story that intrigued me, courtesy of Nice News – my favorite news place.

Click Here to Read


I have two unexpected joys to share.

In no particular order…drum roll…

I’ve had a book dedicated to me!

What a truly wonderful happenstance.

My friend who is all heart, all spirit, all soul, all kindness, all real is Kerry Evelyn, an author who writes characters who more than resonate, they live in your head for ages after “The End”.

Guess who had a very ugly cry when she read this on the book shown below- Kerry’s 4th book in her Ice Hockey Series: For Jill, whose starshine always lights my way out of dark places.

Start at #1 and fall in love all the way to # 4, then do yourself an elephantine favor, indulge in all of Kerry Evelyn’s small town, sweet romance books. Each page will give your soul a lift!

Read Crushing on Ice Today!

The second thrill for me is I’ll be in an anthology with 11 amazing authors who are also sisters of my heart.

I am chuffed to be bits to be a part of this amazing collaboration!

The best part? All of our stories are themed around Autumn and Winter Holidays. From Halloween through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, the stories range from our familiar Earth in different times to magical otherworlds and even planets in outer space! There’s romance, action, and adventure to be found in these pages, and all the stories share the common theme of celebration and family, whether born or found.

My story is a WW2 romance. For those who enjoyed “War Serenade” read Iris’ brother Gregg’s story, set in Tuscany.

Don’t miss your chance to join us on this adventure.

Preorder Festive Fates Today!


That’s YOU!


I am so grateful for all the people who have touched my life in one way or another. I count my blessings daily and YOU are amongst them.

Whether you’re a fan of my writing, you’re a friend or heart-sister, or you’re a Club Untamed member, I am so grateful for you.

Until we meet again, please remember how IMPORTANT you are to me.

My wish for you this month, is to make somebody else feel as essential as I feel you are to me.

Cheers! Cheers!


P.S. I was invited to chat about Timeless Beginnings on Book Lover’s Companion – The English Version podcast recently. Pop over and have a listen. It was such fun.

Listen Here

P.P.S Would you like to stock your tbr pile?

Find your next great read here:

If I could catch a break, that’d be sweet. It’s also highly unlikely.

I’m Cleopatra O’Keefe, and after my last world-bending Keeper shenanigan, I thought humanity and the magicals finally settled into a peaceful coexistence. Zeus in a thong, was I ever wrong. Now I’ve got the four sides–earth, water, fire, and air–squaring off, zero idea what might pull them together, and a ticking time bomb, all courtesy of Uranus. He’s the weirdness variable in our planetary meltdown.

All I know is that I get a single shot. Time to figure out how the pieces fit together and get them in the correct order so the planet doesn’t go POOF. To keep it interesting, an unknown malady sidelined my hard won allies and alliances–now each leader lays comatose, zonked with the swirling stars of Uranus lodged in their eyes. Not helpful.

Did I mention the monsters? What’s a world’s end scenario without enormous, slobbering, chompy beasts who are practically immortal? Sticking a pin in them? Oh, yeah. Easy peasy. No problem whatsoever.

Crud. This is a job for bourbon; make it a double.

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