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Helloooooooooo and welcome to my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable world.

Just a note to remind you how IMPORTANT you are to me.

I am humbly, genuinely GRATEFUL to have you in my world.

I wish you a heart filled with gratitude on this 2023 Thanksgiving.

If life seems a little blue right now, jot down all the things you’re grateful for.

Start with your limbs, your eyes and your ears, all the things that make your body work. Consider the roof that keeps you covered; the television that entertains and informs; the car you can drive; your freedom; the clothes in your closet; and the love in your world from man or precious beast.

Counting our blessings puts all things into perspective and creates positive energy so you’ll immediately change that blue hue to your favorite color (or your best shade of blue).

If you’re feeling lonely this year, volunteer at an animal shelter or serve dinner at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving. The gratitude of others, just for having you share your time with them, will replenish your precious worth. Your life IS precious. YOU are precious and important to this world. Right here. Right now.

If you’re in a house full of rowdy, sometimes annoying people at Thanksgiving, take time to thank them individually for one thing that charms or delights you about them. If you have to dig deep, find something – anything, you admire about them – even if it’s the earrings they’re wearing, the way they can remain silent in an avalanche of insults, or simply that they’re true to themselves. Words count. They can make someone soar or crash. Make your words change a dreaded moment into a cherished one.

I chanced upon this old vignette which is true as true can be, and which spawned more responses from my readers than any other. (This one’s replaying for you, Betsy Galbraith xx)

Have a giggle at my expense. I’d love you to!






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Read Previous Newsletter Reprints

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