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December 2023 Newsletter Reprint – Christmas Fun & Gifts Galore!

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Helloooooooooo, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and a Fanfreakintastic New Year from my Untamed, Unexpected, & Unforgettable World to yours!

May you find many things to be grateful for this holiday season and may you share them with me to make me warm and fuzzy too! I’m always here to lend an ear.

Courtesy of The Strand Book Store NYC


Since my new series TIME FLIES, is all about airline travel, I am interested in how the crew copes these days. I discovered Captain Jo showing off the modern-day crew rest. In the 80’s on a 747, near the AFT galley with only a thick curtain for privacy, we grabbed at most 2.5 hours of sleep on twelve to eighteen hour flights. Comparatively speaking, we snuck a wee snooze in the Flintstone’s cave versus real sleep in futuristic boutique hotel rooms.


I am so grateful for dear friends, talented authors all, who suggested a collaboration in a holiday anthology called FESTIVE FATES. I’m over the moon to announce it’s taking Christmas by storm and snagged a #1 position on Amazon. Here’s one of the scores of rave reviews…

Festive Fates: 11 Spirited Holiday Tales Anthology by SE Smith, Jill Wallace, Eliza Sinclair, Kyndra Hatch, Candace Colt, Natalie Palma, Winnie Winkle, Electra Gajdos, Stephanie Harrell, Pauline Baird Jones, Cassandra Chandler. This is an amazing anthology of Holiday romances, sci fi, paranormal, mystery and fantasy. They are so good and each one has its own story by they seem to fall in line as well. These stories revolve mainly around Christmas but there are some other holiday’s as well. These stories will for sure get you in the holiday mood. A couple of my favorite stories are Unwrapping the True Spirit by Electra Gajdos which is a story of finding the true meaning of Christmas. It follows the Keen family and all of their drama, pranks and family dynamics. Retired, but not Forgotten (A Madison Law Prequel) By: Natalie Palma. I loved this story. Its the story of Madison who is a retired detective and now a private investigator. She had to retire as a police detective due to medical reasons so she really wasn’t ready but has really enjoyed the Private Investigating gig. This is a short cozy mystery. Sunshine’s War by Jill Wallace. This is an amazing historical romance and I loved every word! If you need any help getting into the holiday spirit or just love a varied collection of stories this is the anthology for you!


I’ve been working on my professional goals for 2024 and I’m excited to share my full bucket with you soon. One of them is to get my novels, WAR SERENADE and ZEBRA into the hands of an agent or manager; or to emblazon my story into the mind of a producer. My intention is to knock the socks off viewers when these books become limited TV or streaming series. My new mantra? “Why NOT me?”

Years ago, pitching my script meant flying to Los Angeles and spending the weekend in an expensive hotel I enjoyed for about five hours a night. No sightseeing or celebrity-watching, just dawn to dusk in a behemoth hall pitching in 5-minute increments to yawning execs who may or may not share my vision. Though I was lucky with WAR SERENADE my movie was never made.

Here comes the part where there is ALWAYS a silver lining if you look hard enough…Thanks to Covid (Ha! Who woulda thunk it?), most Hollywood meetings are now done on via Zoom.

And thanks to Stage32 there are a plethora of execs I can study, then choose who to pitch to via Skype – and all from my desk! Now to nail my loooong ZEBRA novel down to a dynamic 7 minutes (You know how long-winded I am!). It’s a wonderful sport, cheaper than golf, and you don’t have to have a lick of ball-sense!

And I ask the universe, “Why NOT me?”


EXCITING NEWS! My online store will soon carry the first print copies of my new series, TIME FLIES. My website is the ONLY place you’ll find TIMELESS BEGINNINGS until February 2024, when it will be launched to retailers.

If you’re in a hurry to snag a Limited Edition of TIMELESS BEGINNINGS in time for Christmas, I ordered a hefty batch of print books mostly to satisfy my Kickstarter fulfillment and found a few prickly spelling errors. My top-producing author friends encouraged me to sell these copies as LIMITED EDITION versions because there will only be a few like them. EVER. Email me at and I will rush it to you autographed and with a golden seal. You can pay via PayPal. Better hurry! Christmas is a whisper away.



In TIMELESS BEGINNINGS you’ll meet hermit Lucky van Niekerk, former hostie and current FBI psychic. She makes a deal with the universe and finds herself about to host a six-day shindig for a few 1980’s era air hostesses from South African Airways. They are all searching for long-dead soulmates.

Here, never before seen – other than by my Kickstarter backers – is the first chapter of TIMELESS BEGINNINGS.  Let me know what you think of it.

Since it’s Christmastime, I want to give you the joy of reading an online magazine created by uber-selling-author, innovator, 3-D creator and dear friend, Susan S.E. Smith. She’s given me permission to share. Here is Susan’s December copy of her gorgeous on-line magazine, FREE for YOU to enjoy.


And for my usual animal-share, and with little in common with the festive season, here is a video that tickled me.


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And as special gift to you or yours, be one of the first TEN to email me at and you will receive a free E-book of either ZEBRA or WAR SERENADE. Just pop your preference in the subject line and the email address if it’s different to yours.

Merry Christmas and a hearty, safe, joyous, healthy 2024. Say this mantra with me, and let’s see what we accomplish: “Why NOT me?”

May your world and mine always remain UNTAMED, UNEXPECTED & UNFORGETTABLE.


Jill xx

P.S. I will shoot you an email the minute TIMELESS BEGINNINGS Limited Edition is available on my website.



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