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Helloooooooooo, and welcome to my chilly camo jeep! Please reach for your warm hand-knitted blanket below your seat ;o) Imagination is required on our safari, but I know you have it in grandiose volumes.


One of my followers is ONDIEKI ONTWEKA from Kenya. He sent me some gorgeous photos, taken in and around his area, and I couldn’t wait to share one with you.

Imagine yourself right there, on the plateau. Smell the oldest red earth on the African continent mixed with the dust of billions and billions of animal hoofs and paws on a continuous migration over earth’s oldest surface. Feel the fresh mountain air bearing moisture lifted from the summer rains and brushed with silt, nestling lightly on your skin. Hear the sound of trumpeting elephants and the ruffle of a scuffle between zebra and elephant as each attempt to mark their own territory on the ancient African earth.

My brother, seventeen years older than I, was a game ranger in Kenya in the 1960’s and he doubled for Hardy Kruger, in the John Wayne movie called ‘Hatari’. Swinging legs from a giant theater chair nestled between my mom and dad, was almost more thrill than this five-year-old could handle. When ‘Hardy’ drove the jeep recklessly through the jungle, I shouted “That’s Brother Peter” pointing to the humongous screen where familiar images blew my little mind. It wasn’t Hardy Kruger, but my big brother’s neck; his hand on the steering wheel; his watch and his hairy arms in full color and larger than life. My brother wasn’t a stunt double to me. He was a movie star.

Thank you, Ondieki, for evoking those memories.

Want more of Ondieki’s lush photos?

Let me know!



Having something happen unexpectedly – in a book, in a movie, in music, in life – is what keeps my world fresh and fascinating.

An article by John Colapinto in the AARP Magazine Dec23/Jan24 speaks of music therapy and its profound effect on the brain. I know from my bestie’s long, long, struggle witnessing her mom’s decline every single day from dementia to Alzheimer’s over too many years, how true this is. Her mother couldn’t remember Lanie’s name, but when Neil Diamond or Tom Jones crooned, she could sing every single word.

The piece opens with how a former American Ballet Theater accompanist, Colin Huggins, schlepped a battered upright piano he bought on Craigslist around New York City and just began playing pop songs. He managed to push his piano all the way onto a subway platform on 14th street and began playing “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. In Maestro Colapinto’s evocative words: “In the course of two minutes, the potentially dangerous netherworld of the New York City subway – the very definition of existential alienation, where eye contact is assiduously avoided – was transformed into a place of joy, camaraderie, connection. At first, four or five college-aged kids began to sing along and by the time Huggins hit the crescendo (“better, better, BETTER”), a group of middle-aged businessmen on the opposite platform were singing too. With the irresistible coda (“nah, nah, nah, nah-nah-nah-naaaaaah”) everyone on both platforms – male and female, black and white, young and old – was singing, clapping, smiling at one another.”

Take a peek.



Today is our 40th anniversary. When you love someone, time flies. I love Athol more now than when we were young and healthy and overly optimistic. I am sublimely grateful I’ve been able to enjoy my soulmate for the greater part of my life. The gift of gifts.



NY Times best selling author, Susan S.E. Smith, is not only a master storyteller beloved around the world, she is also an imaginative entrepreneur with her fingers in more pies than Georgie Porgie. Susan graciously interviewed me for her fascinating, fun-filled on-line magazine and once again, with Susan’s permission, I get to share it with YOU.




Today, my friend, I wish you time with YOUR soulmate – an hour, a week, a lifetime. As far as I’m concerned, if you missed spending precious time with each other in this life, you can look forward to cherished moments or longer, much longer, next time. It’s written in the STARS.

Till next time we explore fun and funky things together, be safe, be excited and look forward to the unexpected. It keeps life exciting!

And sing. Anytime, anywhere. Even if you can’t – nobody will care – but they will care that you made them feel.







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