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February 2024 Newsletter Reprint – Please Punxsutawney Phil, no more winter!!

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Helloooooooooo, again! Simply delighted to have you all bundled up in my camo jeep, safe from the north’s bitter cold, but if you’re in the southern part of my mobile adventure vehicle, enjoy the sunshine, friend. I’m always here to lend an ear.

Let’s take another look at my Untamed Unexpected Unforgettable world. WAIT! As I was typing that, I realized, it’s not MY Untamed unexpected Unforgettable world, but OURS. Yours and mine.

Now I feel all warm and fuzzy!


In the name of cyber security (or something – I don’t know my bits from my bytes) changes have been foisted upon us to fortify our cyber activities. What a PITA! We’ve been instructed to send out a number of emails to our special people so Google and Yahoo can get familiar with our intentions and not banish our news before it reaches you. Methinks you should have the privilege of doing that all on your own ;o) So if you get more of my little vignettes than usual while I educate machines, don’t fret, I promise to slip in a nugget or two for you to ponder.

NOTHING makes me happier than watching people open gifts they’re receiving from people who’ve put thought into gift-giving – which is an art in itself. As I sit at my untidy workspace in a corner of my kitchen, I see a hundred delights someone has created, or bought with the purpose of delighting me. Each one of the gifts I so un-artfully display is a bit of love I’ve received from the giver and I cherish each and every one. I plan on taking you on a tour of my delights via You Tube in the next few weeks.


Ten years or more ago I sold a home to folks who immediately became friends.

Tarita and I met for lunch last week and as we sat down, she casually pointed a gift bag in my direction and said “It’s not much.” Expecting nothing but an old shoe I’d left behind, I was knocked sideways off the restaurant’s banquette! Tarita had fashioned a jar filled with lavender. On the cloth on the top, an exquisitely hand-embroidered tuft of lavender. As I studied the delicate stitches she’d crafted just for me, waves of purple essence (in my world aromas have color) wafted from the jar and filled my world with calm.

As you now know, my website has a Books & Goodies Shoppe open and ready for business. And to celebrate the month of LOVE and the 14th February, YOU will get 14% off whatever you buy at Wahoooooooooooooooooo.

WHAT’S MORE…Tarita will make the first five purchasers in my Books & Goodies Shoppe, a lavender delight, JUST LIKE MINE.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY with love from me and Tarita! Xx

Photography Dominic Agostini


Tarita and Gregg’s daughter, Emily, is living my girlhood dream. This young woman is passionate about her art, exceptionally trained and HUGELY talented, but let’s not forget who made it all possible. Her mom Tarita gave up her life to make sure Emily was properly homeschooled and attended every dance opportunity no matter where. Tarita sewed a million costumes, drove a million miles, and Emily became an exquisite dancer so spectacular, Berkeley College offered her a scholarship and she’s dancing her way to stardom. Watch for Emily Vincent right here. She’s destined for greatness.  Hungry for more of Emily? Check out her website. I know not JUST my dancing friends will be enthralled!


SUSAN S.E. SMITH is an unforgettable author, an unforgettable supporter of her fellow authors, and a distinctly unforgettable person. Here, by her grace, I give you her popular magazine for free and gratis. Enjoy!

So dear friend, I leave with thoughts of divine gifts-giving and beautiful dancers, and I wish YOU something to look forward to. May that something keep you in a state of anticipation – so good for the soul. And just to make your day, here’s a puppy’s first set of hiccups.


From my home to yours, I wish you love and grace.

Always with love,


Jill xx

P.S. I will shoot you an email the minute TIMELESS BEGINNINGS Limited Edition is available on my website.


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