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May 2024 Newsletter Reprint – From The Rainbow Bridge to an Evening with the STARs

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Hellooooooooooooo and Welcome,

Thank you  coming back for another wild, wacky safari in my camo jeep. I hope this finds you full of the joys of spring; or for my friends south of the equator, stocking up for the coming winter.

As you likely know, my Tula girl – our 16-year-old Aussie Shepherd at seventy pounds, was living on borrowed time, and we were grateful for every precious day with her. She suddenly had enough and went on to other adventures. The pain of losing her was so acute…only other pet lovers could ever understand. My insightful just-turned-teen granddaughter, Abby, summed it up beautifully:

I am so sorry about Tulu…sending her love. She is going to heaven now, but even if she is gone, she is still in our hearts forever. Love you granny and sending love to Tula in heaven. Lives end but love is endless.

Tula will be identifying as a male Aussie Shepherd and will forever be immortalized in my Time Flies series. RIP my darling girl. xx



The Evening with the STARs was a marvelous event and I had the help of my dear friend Sara Maraj and the privilege of having a table next to one of my favorite people in all the world. She is a first-time author, Chrissy Chicory. It was so much fun.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Lori Fairchild and her lovely band of friends; my faithful friend, Priscilla Warren who came specially to support her STAR sisters; and blood sisters Claudia and Danielle and their beaus who spent their Friday night with us!

It was great to see all my favorite STARs and below is Chris Kridler, dressed as Lucy Lakestone for the occasion, and looking divinely tropical. Chris continues to be my guide and my muse and was instrumental in getting WAR SERENADE and ZEBRA out into the world and helped me make sense of the million stories I wanted to share in one fell swoop when it came to the TIME FLIES Series.

And were it not for my dear friend Ivette Griffith who gifted me with gorgeous banners and blowups for my launches at her Beauty Forever Skincare for both ZEBRA and WAR SERENADE, I would not have had such a fantabulous-looking table. Xx



My lovely friend and Uber-successful international author and NYTimes and USA Today bestselling author, S.E. Susan Smith, did me proud by including one of my soul-stories in her exclusive magazine for April! I am chuffed to bits, specially since I have Susan’s permission to share it with my peeps with her compliments!



As you know, TIMELESS BEGINNINGS kindle version is up for pre-order and the hard copy is available now. Here is my latest review…

5.0 out of 5 stars A captivating mix of mystery, paranormal, friendship and love!

Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2024

I just finished reading the first book in this series and am already yearning for book 2. The story is about a woman who possesses extrasensory abilities and how this affects her life and others. The tale comes alive in a jocular yet serious and heartfelt blend of “Lucky’s” world. The characters, settings and situations are so richly developed that I immediately wanted to know more about them. There is something about this book that comforts me in my own life. It offers a variety of toughness, empathy, mystery and vulnerability, qualities we all have and can identify with. I have read other books by Jill Wallace and relished them all!


What kind of safari would this be without some animals? I was so excited to find these YouTube videos of the first ever elephant orphanage in South Africa. Please let me know if you’d like me to give you a series of installments on this much needed rescue’s advancements. Here is just a teaser:


Until next we meet, I wish you the ability to live in the NOW. Well, that’s my new practice…which I’m still working on perfecting :o)… I’ve found living in the moment eliminates the worry of tomorrow and makes each moment more colorful, more purposeful and more pronounced, which amps up my endorphins and lights up the little things and makes them glow.

Give an extra pat to your fluffies from me and till next time, make every single moment count!







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