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June 2024 Newsletter Reprint – Oh Poo!

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Hellooooooooooooo and Welcome,

Thank you for joining me once again in my Untamed, Unexpected, and Unforgettable World. Thank you for joining me once again in my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable world.

My last email was a touch maudlin. we were devastated at the loss of the loss of our beautiful Aussie Shepherd, Tula. Thank you to so many of you who reached out, sent sympathy cards, kind emails, blessed us with light, and even dropped off a mini-rose bush. I feel so lucky to have you in my world.

The three of us (Athol, Tsotsi our ten-year-old Aussie shepherd and I) were moping around, raw and lonely. After a bit we just couldn’t stand it so my Athol went on a virtual search for a new family member. Our intention was to adopt an Aussie.

But we saw a photo of this little tyke and fell in love. And like true love, no matter what the carefully contemplated wish list for your future soulmate might have demanded, when the connection clicks, your cosmic checklist bursts into laughter and blows away with the wind. The heart wants what the heart wants. The head seldom has anything to do with it!

Umtwani (meaning ‘my child’ in Zulu) is an unknown mixture of WTH and WTF but we don’t care! She’s adorable, attentive, loving, and confident. Her foster mom, Lori, nurtured her and her three siblings (her sister is blind) and lovingly saw to their spaying, being chipped, shots administered, and in Umtwani’s case, regrowing her hair. Poor little tykes.

When Lori put her in my arms and Umtwani put her paws around my neck, I was sold. Smitten. In love. Here we are at the moment our souls collided.



(Skip this if you are not into TMI or dog poo)

So Umtwani’s been in our house for two and a half weeks and she has managed to turn our house into something that resembles a war zone. Nothing is off limits. Boy! In ten years, we’d completely forgotten how hectic a puppy can be! We are sleep deprived but happy. We’re teaching her how to find the steps in our pool so she can save herself if she ever falls in. She and Tsotsi are finally playing together and at 3 1/2 months she belts it around the softball field every day in her luminous pink harness, and while Tsotsi and I pant our way back to the car, she’s up for more! She came knowing how to use a pee-pee pad and we’re trying to train her to go outside to do her business. (I know, such fascinating stuff, right?)

As some of you might remember, as well as the three books I’m in the midst of reading next to my bed, I am also a water closet multi-reader. All books are open where I left off, covers up.  Currently I have Depak Chopra’s ‘Little Book of Wisdom’ in there, Jaime Engel’s ‘The Toilet Papers,’ Syd Fields ‘Workbook for Screenwriters,’ Shonda Rhimes’ biography, and a book by Heather Poole called ‘Flying Attitudes’ a memoir about American flight attendants in the 1990’s and post 9/11.

Well, my Athol emerged from the loo this morning grinning. He said “When it’s your turn, you might find ‘Flying Attitudes’ has brand new meaning.”

Sure enough. Our Umtwani somehow (and most accurately may I say) managed to do a number two on the cover of the open book! A testament to Ms. Poole’s literary contribution to society is this: Instead of gingerly throwing the book in a black trash bag and hauling it curbside, I actually cleaned it off and thoroughly disinfected the cover :o) I was teetering on an inflight cliff hanger…what’s a girl to do?


It came to me in a rush today, that love is very much like writing a novel or script. As authors and screenwriters, the standard of excellence is when we can successfully show our readers/viewers what the protagonist or the antagonist is feeling by way of their ACTIONS and not tell our readers/viewers what the characters are feeling. The former is far more immersive for the reader and ultimately more satisfying.

My revelation is that showing someone how much you love them by what you do is love’s equivalent of showing characters actions to my readers. It’s all about how it makes you (and the reader) feel. You see, I can tell people all day that I love them, but showing them I love them proves it.

For example:

  • A small gesture – like sending a snail mail card to let someone know I am in awe of their strength, courage or accomplishments for instance. Sure, finding the perfect card, writing my heart in it, buying a stamp and remembering to mail it is not a massive task, but it requires more work than a text. Even a phone call is more ACTION than a text.
  • A medium gesture – like making a plan to help out someone who needs a ride and you jump to it, in spite of your busy schedule;
  • A big gesture is being there when someone needs moral support during a medical procedure or an emotional collapse.
  • A mammoth gesture is best described in this love-action. My Athol packs the dishwasher. Though it might not sound like a massive undertaking, consider he can’t stand for even 5 seconds because of his dizziness, so bending down is no mean feat. He uses my office chair to scoot hither and thither and get the job done. All this because it makes me infinitely happy to see a clean sink when I awake. Now that’s love, baby!

Note, your gestures don’t have to be earth-shattering to mean LOVE. Don’t get me  wrong, I love getting texts too, but she who delivered dinner to our doorstep without asking when I broke my leg, now that was pure love! Though I may forget the exact words of a text, I will never forget that.

Another note… We’re allowed to get a little greedy here… we are worth it, so I reckon we should be on the receiving end of the love-words as well as the love-actions! What say you? 


Back by popular demand is more on the orphan elephant and his integration into the herd. People’s dedicated kindness never fails to restore my faith in humanity. Here then, is the continued saga of life at the South African elephant orphanage.

You asked … I answered! To Celebrate Mother’s Day, I am launching ‘Timeless Beginnings’ early. Or if you fancy a print copy, it’s ready for you!

I can’t wait for you to get to know Lucky. She’s a complex soul and book 1 is an introduction to not only the hostess of the six-day-soulmate-search-shindig, but an insight into what spawned Lucky’s reason for suggesting the gathering to virtual strangers. How far did this hermit have to be pushed before she realized her decades-long search for her soulmate might pay off at last, if she helps others?

NOTE: The surprise has already passed – please sign up for my newsletter to never miss the goodies!


Read ‘Timeless Beginnings’ for no cost at all in return for an honest review. I won’t be monitoring you, we share on an honor system, you and I :o) This is ONLY for TODAY.

From my Umtwani-generated-mad house to your more civil, tidy one,

I wish you the compunction to SHOW your love more than talk about it.
Then, watch how your readers…I mean loved ones…respond!

With  Love Always,





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