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AUDIE award-winning narrator, Peter Noble, won the RONE award in 2020 for War Serenade.

I chose Peter after listening to about 120 professional voice actors. I was open minded and put no cap on expense or experience.

 I knew I’d recognized the right voice as soon as it “spoke” to me.

Though his voice was no louder than any other, Peter SHOUTED in my ear. “I found him!” I yelled, ecstatic.

 Peter Noble’s accent is a soft-British, I had no idea he was born in South Africa and lived in Pietermartizburg, the very setting of War Serenade. As a bonus, Peter knew just how to narrate my Zulu and Afrikaans characters…and as an opera student, even sang on Pietro’s behalf!

To deepen the coincidence, after we started working together, I discovered his mom studied opera at Cape Town University under the real person who inspired my hero, Pietro!

He told me his mom always bragged that at the age of two, he was held in the arms of Cape Town University’s Dean of Opera.

Serendipity? Miracle? Coincidence?

Hmmm. Makes me think of this:  There are no such things as coincidences. They’re just God making miracles and choosing to remain anonymous.

I feel Peter Noble is War Serenade’s miracle.

Photo ©Michael Wharley

Award-Winning Narrator Peter Noble in his own Words

I tell stories.

A multi-award-winning narrator, I’ve recorded hundreds of audiobooks and audio dramas — including Audible and New York Times bestsellers.

I’m a brain injury survivor, and I have a unique understanding of the music of language.

I was born in South Africa, in a valley Alan Paton called ‘lovely beyond any singing of it’. I grew up travelling, picking up a range of authentic dialects and languages along the way, eventually studying music and drama at the University of Cape Town. In South Africa, I worked in the theatre, touring the country with a small repertory company, as well as appearing on radio, TV and film.

I moved to the UK to study classical acting at LAMDA, in London, and went on to train as a singer at the Royal Academy of Music. At RAM, I was part of the second graduating cohort of the now legendary musical theatre programme. I also have an MA in creative writing from the University of East Anglia.

I now live just outside of London, in Hertfordshire.

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Not Just a Kiss - Chapter 27
Zulu Truths Chapter 38
Next Thursday, Same Time Chapter 41

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