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Q & A with

Award-Winning Narrator

Peter Noble

If you weren't an audiobook narrator, what would you be? And why?

I have a recording somewhere of me at 4 years old, reading aloud from Dr Seuss’ *One Fish Two Fish*. I’ve always told stories. A lifetime ago, I worked as a stage hand at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, and at what is now the Artscape Theatre. Maybe technical crew.

I know you have had singing and acting training, do you commission a voice coach or an accent coach or do you train yourself?

I went to Mary Hammond  – very well known West End coach, who was my professor at the Royal Academy of Music – for some voice coaching recently, but I haven’t sung on stage for decades.

Where is the most exotic place you've ever visited? Worked? or Lived? And why?

I went to school in India, briefly, in the mid-70s, while my mother was studying yoga with BKS Iyengar. I didn’t speak Hindi – the school curriculum was delivered in English – and I have never felt more foreign. More than once, I walked past elephants on the way to school, walking down the main street.

What, so far, have been the highlights of your career?

Winning the Audie, with Søren Sveistrup, for *The Chestnut Man* was pretty cool. (It’s now a Netflix series). Damon Galgut winning the Booker for *The Promise* was a real pleasure. Both books were privilege to work on. With *The Promise*, we  knew we (Leo, the producer, and I) were working with something pretty special.

South African narrators who can do all the accents as well as you can, are rare. What other accents do you enjoy doing?

I grew up traveling. If I lived somewhere, I can generally pull off a conversational version of that accent. But I’m most at home with British and South African.

My South Africa. Where fact meets fiction

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