Lucky van Niekerk, avid dog lover, former South African Airways air hostess, and current law enforcement psychic, has a gift for sniffing out things. From helping to solve cold cases to reliving past lives, she has lived her life torn between two worlds—the past and the present; the dead and the living.

Yet, there are some things she can’t find. Her soulmate, for instance.

Determined to solve her own mystery, she learns she must first help others to help herself. Lucky’s social media post draws the response of four other South African Airlines hostesses.

Decades before, all of these women experienced past life dreams with their soulmates in the crew rest aboard the same 747 jumbo jet at 36,000 feet.

Five virtual strangers will be thrown together in Lucky’s home for six days. A hermitic hostess’s nightmare, but a girls got to do what a girl’s got to do to find her way back to her own soulmate.

Can Lucky solve the mysteries that can only be found locked in the women’s dreams, or will they be destined to make the same mistakes they made in a previous life?

Discover the power of uncorking past lives and journey with Lucky so you can decide how lucky she really is, in this first book in the “Time Flies” Women’s Fiction series.


The book is captivating, unique and one I could not put down from start to finish. The author masterfully connects the reader with characters and events that we all can empathize with and relate to. Loved it! Can’t wait for Book 2!

I just finished reading timeless beginnings, Jill is a wonderful story teller! I couldn’t put it down. As an avid reader of all Jill Wallace’s books, this one is another winner! The story of Lucky’s birth and the special gift that would bring her good fortune is amazing. This book takes you through her early years which leads to the journey of becoming an airline hostess, her search for her soulmate and the ability to use her psychic abilities for law enforcement. The characters are rich, you feel as if you are right there with them. The reunion of hostess’s that come together after recalling the same extraordinary experiences leaves you hungry for more. I am very excited to read book 2 then 3, 4, 5 and 6.. Well done!

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