Meet Jill -

Meet Author Jill Wallace

I was born and bred (my mother would prefer ‘brought up’) in South Africa and have lived the second half of my life in America. I often feel like a baobab—or “Upside Down Tree”—that has roots that look like branches. Like the confused baobab, I no longer know where the South African ends and the American begins, but I am comfortable in my duality and hope like the blazes it affords me some complexity.

In my South African life, I was a jazz, ballet, and modern dancer, and I toiled in sales, promotions, marketing and PR, and flew as an “international air hostess” for our orange-tailed airline for 4 years. Life in the air was less-than-glam in spite of my elegant uniform, hat, and gloves, but I got the great privilege of visiting 6 continents and having hundreds of adventures. I married my dream man and inherited two heart-children. Though they’re the reason I invest periodically in whatever’s on sale to “Cover-that-grey,” I love them and our three granddaughters like my very own.

In American life, we’ve lived on each coast and in between, and visited, at last count, 42 states.  As immigrants we’ve been desperately poor and then, during the dotcom era, super-rich by comparison—but that only lasted a year! But I’ve oh-so-fortunately been filthy rich in love and friendships. Any other kind of wealth simply cannot compare. I’ve been a bad waitress and a movie extra with a close up directed by Garry Marshall, which sadly landed on the cutting room floor, so I can never prove my moment-in-the-movie- sun. I’ve been a Realtor for 27 years. I owe my faithful clients a huge thank you for following my writing career so enthusiastically.

Sometimes, I love dogs more than people, chocolate more than good sense, and binge watching more than house cleaning (well… make the latter ALL the time!)

I was lost for a time looking for my muse, but now I’m found. The exhilaration of writing has me addicted. My books will always have a South African flavor, and my stories will be set in the twentieth century, but I promise to keep them current no matter what the era. I love to poise my pen and wait for my characters to tell me how they’ll get out of the hell I’ve carved for them. Listening to their impossible ambitions, I wait for them to find the great courage and strength of character they’ll need to attain what they really want—be it friendship, peace, acceptance, or everlasting love. That’s the magic that keeps my heart in my throat and my fingers on my keys.

So, climb aboard my open Safari jeep, turn your face upwards. Let the South African sun warm your skin as the wind ruins your cute ’do but dusts your cheeks with rosy anticipation. I’m so excited you’ve decided to join me in this Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable world. Hold tight. It’ll be a helluva ride!

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