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Lucky Packets are available now!


Want a quick trip to South Africa?

 Longing to whisk someone you love away to an exotic land?

 These Lucky Packets will do the trick!

 No need for a 20+ hour flight and hundreds of dollars in airfare. Your Lucky Packet will fly you off to amazing South Africa!

Calling all expats!

 Need a taste of home?

 These South African Lucky Packets are a sure cure for homesickness!

But what in the world are Lucky Packets?
My fellow South Africans and British Commonwealth peers will remember Lucky Packets as one of the most exciting experiences from our childhoods.

The first thrill was simply holding an unopened Lucky Packet in our hands for as long as we could. What a lesson in the glory of anticipation! Nothing beats that divine tease and delicious excitement!

As we clutched the sturdy packet, our hands shook, our eyes bulged, our hearts beat at the same frenzied rate as a newborn chick…and then we could no longer stand it!
Crazed, we tore open the packet, and the treasures that spilled out always satisfied—something edible, something fun. Besides birthdays or Christmases, receiving a Lucky Packet was the most sensational treat a girl or boy could wish for!
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Untamed South African Cook Book & Coloring Book


Print a piece of South Africa for yourself!

Jill Wallace has compiled authentic South African recipes for you to relish and coloring pages for your diversion. Add vivid color to lions and elephants while you devour your own homemade koeksisters enjoyed by Jock and Papin in Zebra, or a slice of melktert as seen in War Serenade!

Only simultaneously listening to War Serenade on audio could possibly heighten your experience!

 You’ll receive the novel companion of your choice as a digital download.
Click HERE to snap up your South African Cook Book & Coloring Book and surprise your senses!

Right click on each image to download

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