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I couldn’t wait until next month to share my great excitement with you! Zebra is not only released into the world, but “he” is flourishing and made the coveted Amazon #1 New Release banner in African Literature.

To celebrate, we ordered just a limited number of printed books to sell as our Limited Edition, First Run Copies. I will be selling these autographed versions on my website for just $30.00 each, which includes postage.

BUT hurry! Once the run is depleted, there’ll be no more Limited Copies.

However, you can purchase autographed print copies from my website at any time for $25.00, and the book will be mailed to any North American destination.

The same goes for autographed copies of War Serenade, sold at $20.00! War Serenade is available as an audiobook and in ebook and print from your favorite retailer, too!

Hurry, hurry, get your order in today!

Or order the Zebra ebook from any of your favorite retailers, or the HARDCOVER COPY too.

If you ordered your Zebra before 6/09/2020 and received a matte copy of Zebra with white pages, YOU are entitled to a LIMITED-EDITION sticker. Just email me your address, and I will ship your sticker to you with my pleasure:

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