With Gratitude

What an immense and beautiful high I experienced on Friday night! It was so powerful and so euphoric, I managed to capture it so I can go back there whenever I need to! Not even being jolted back into my world of real estate early Saturday morning, could mar my bliss!

Truly, each and every one of your beloved faces at my wonderful launch for WAR SERENADE, was one I will cherish forever. 

To share such a huge milestone in my life WITH YOU, was simply wonderful. I wish I could adequately express HOW MUCH it meant, your being there for me. My brain is dismally lost for words to describe how special you made me feel... oh! If ONLY my heart could speak.

...Actually, my heart DID speak to me on Friday night, with every hug and cherished word, I felt your love and I was sublimely grateful for your support and deeply humbled by your grace.

And so my friend, "Thank You" will have to do for now...but please know how MUCH you mean to me and how I will ALWAYS remember your wonderful kindness.

With my sincere thanks and a huge hug,
Cheers, Cheers!

Jill xx  

P.S. If you took any pictures Friday night, PLEASE SHARE by emailing me at jillwallaceauthor@gmail.com.

P.P.S. If you read the book and like it, please give me a review on Amazon!


Lindsay Davis

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