Welcome to my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable World!

Hi, I’m Jill Wallace.


Welcome to my Untamed, Unexpected, Unforgettable World!


I’m an award-winning story teller with roots still firmly planted in South Africa, though I live happily with my soulmate and our spoiled dogs near NASA 

on the East Coast of Florida.


Stay awhile, and check out my historical fiction novels and audio books, set in South Africa in the 20th century.

War Serenade. An Epic Romance,” and “Zebra. Friends by Fate. Enemies by Destiny.” 


Both are inspired by true stories and events and were written with a full heart, so I hope they’ll make you laugh and cry as I did, writing them!




My new series “Time Flies” has multiple tropes that include: Mystical Realism, Friendships, Late-in-Life Loves, Time Travel, Soulmates, Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary/Historical (I know…right?), Reincarnation…whew! And a few more to boot!


“Timeless Beginnings” book 1 of “Time Flies,” releases in May of this year and “Timeless Pirouette” will hit the market in August 2024.  Elements in this series are loosely based on my life, including a career as an air hostess; some of the paranormal occurrences; the house in Hull, MA in which these stories are set; and four dear friends of 28 years – my first America friends have morphed into my protagonists. 


Such fun! I hope you’ll enjoy reading the series as much as I am, writing it.


A novella, “Sunshine’s War” an embellished version of a short story for a Christmas anthology I was privileged to be a part of, called “Festive Fates.” This tome with 11 short stories earned us an AMAZON #1 Banner in 2023. Look for “Sunshine’s War” in December 2024!



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xx Jill

Timeless Beginnings... Coming in 2024!

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Festive Fates

11 Spirited Holiday Tales

Release Date: November 30th, 2023

Authors include: S.E. Smith, Jill Wallace, Eliza Sinclair, Kyndra Hatch, Candace Colt, Natalie Palma, Winnie Winkle, Electra Gajdos, Stephanie Harrell, Pauline Baird Jones, and Cassandra Chandler


A captivating story. The most endearing characters. And an exotic far away land. All deftly drawn together by the delicate hand of author, Jill Wallace.
~Goodreads Review

Two boys, one Zulu, one white, united in friendship in spite of Apartheid, are eventually torn asunder by South African society. They meet years later on opposite sides of a bloody bush war. Can only one survive?

“Zebra is an intriguing and heartwarming story that expertly portrays with explicit detail, atmosphere and time references that captivate. Like all great artists she sets the mood, time and place so that the reader has the feeling of being there. A wonderful book that you won’t want to put down!”  GoodReads Reader.

“No politics here, just an incredible story of friendship told with gorgeous attention to detail. A page turner, and one that left me shaken and impressed. Outstanding writing, story, and characters. Add this to your Must-Read list. You won’t be sorry.” Amazon Reader

From the first word, I was captivated! Jill Wallace pens a vivid look into a slice of World War II not often seen. Vibrant language, evocative images and heartfelt emotions bring a story you can’t put down!
~Amazon Review

War Serenade

A WWII Italian captive, once a famous opera star, loses his voice in an abominable Allied WWII camp. He’s smitten by a South African girl, his enemy – and knows he must find his voice if he wants to see her again - or die trying

“A Love Story for The Ages” Roxanne St. Claire, NY Times Bestselling Author.

“It’s not often that you find a book with such an epic story that takes you away to a faraway land and allows you to connect to the characters so vividly…” GoodReads reader.

War Serenade

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